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Other people’s agenda versus yours

Other people's agenda are confusing you - just like the boy in this garden.
Are other people’s agenda ruining yours?

Other people’s agenda versus yours

Other people’s agenda often drive our agendas. Why? There’s several reasons why this happens. Often Small Business Owners don’t even see this seeping into their schedule. Are you running your agenda or other people’s agenda (OPA)?

What makes their agenda more important than yours? You! 

OK, I’m going to keep this one really simple. You permit other people to make their agenda more important than yours. Yikes! This does negatively impact YOUR Business’s Success Rate if you aren’t mindful.

How so? Take a look at YOUR Business calendar as if you are a Project Manager.

Scrutinize your business calendar and ask yourself these 5 questions:

  1. Am I running my own agenda or are my time slots filled with activities for other things?
  2. Are most of my time slots filled with what I need to do to advance my agenda?
  3. Which OPA is best to omit right now?
  4. Which OPA can I minimize right now?
  5. When it’s time for another round again, which OPA can I say “no thank you” to when asked?

NOTE: This is essential to keeping yourself concentrating on YOUR Agenda. 

Pardon yourself for being The Nice Guy or Gal

I have two different clients who have been discerning this very topic. One left her BNI group after 20 years. Another left one group and is considering leaving another she has been with for about 5 years. These two conversation are what prompted this post. 

OK, you’re the proverbial nice guy/gal. You’ve been told help others in need. I couldn’t agree more; however, if it’s going to cut into your business’s calendar, it will require more discernment to assure it will advance your agenda as well! (OR if it doesn’t you’ll need to make it a personal time project of yours.)

If your agenda isn’t yours right now, don’t worry. Just apply the 5 questions (above) to keep you on track from now on. 

TIP: I reassess my activities and commitments quarterly. It gives me a good perspective to act purposefully to achieve my goals. There must be alignment for a “Yes!” to occur.

WARNING: Just because there’s an alignment doesn’t mean it must happen at all! 

Have you outgrown your business advise?

It’s probably time to stop acting out guidance you received years ago. Did getting involved with groups and associations to help your business grow at one point? Sure and I imagine it was beneficial then. Is it now?

The question to ask yourself now: Is that commitment serving YOUR Business now? Is YOUR Business advancing (visibility, relationships, revenue, and/or professional education).

If it isn’t, release it. If it is, stay with it and/or modify your activity level. 

YOUR Agenda (goals and their supporting activities) of YOUR Business is the priority. No one else can make it happen but you. Choose your activity levels in OPAs with great discernment and review them quarterly. Assuredly, you will outgrow them at different times throughout your career.

What’s the one that’s holding you back from taking right action to better align your activities and goals?

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