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When a Business Opportunity Comes Knocking at Your Door

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Each business opportunity is NOT golden. Choose wisely Small Business Owners.

When a Business Opportunity
Comes Knocking at Your Door

When did the last business opportunity come knocking at your door? More importantly, how did you handle it?

Small Business Owners have plenty of opportunities to sift through. Yes, if you really want to be pragmatic, every week provides a week filled with potential opportunities for you and your business. Do you see your weekly calendar in this manner? If not, this mindset could be a game-changer to lift YOUR Business’s Performance!

In Spring of 2018, I was at Brendon Burchard‘s High Performance Academy. He shared how he gets invites to some really cool things – things even 10 years ago he wished he could have been invited to. Now, he has endless opportunities extended to him to which most he declines. Why? Brendon chooses to be extremely selective about how he spends his time.

He then shared how he goes through a protocol when invited to an opportunity. Of course I’m paraphrasing here. He revealed,  he says yes when the the invitation advances and aligns with his personal or professional development to help him achieve his overarching goals.

This golden nugget was maybe only 5 sentences contained in a much larger topic. Why did it grab my attention?

Business Opportunity Protocol

Do you have one? I didn’t until I was introduced to this concept! I now have one in place and will hone it overtime.

More importantly, it gave me an moment to self-assess. I reviewed business opportunities I should have said “yes” to and those I shouldn’t. Over the past 15 years there were plenty on each side of the equation.

NOTE: Your “yes” and “no” decisions are equally important. Using a protocol helps us make better business decisions.

I reflected upon opportunities presented to my clients. Having this protocol in place most likely would have assisted them too.

Then I dug a little deeper on this topic. I also pondered some conversations of other Small Business Owners. One business opportunity at a time, I started to see oodles of unfavorable business decisions.

YOUR decisions can either catapult YOUR Business’s Performance / Success Rate or it can stunt its growth.

Golden opportunities are out there waiting for you. Caution: Every opportunity isn’t golden.

3 Step Business Opportunity Action Item:

  1. Write down what your goals are for this year and the next 3 – 5 years.
  2. Then set up criteria to help you discern if you should engage or not.
  3. If something advances and aligns with you, consider it further! If not, “No, thank you” is your answer.

I already see the benefit of this! Right thoughts birth right actions. Do this for a year and see how much ease you gifted yourself.  

What step are you going to take next to secure a stronger you and business? Feel free to share your plans here in the comment section. 

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