May 6


National Small Business Week Honors Hard Work

National Small Business Week Honors YOU
and All YOUR Hard Work & Dedication!

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Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Supports National Small Business Week- in our unique manner

National Small Business Week is this week. I don’t know if it is getting enough recognition. Have you heard about it or read about it being this week? I’ve not seen much. In fact I would say I haven’t seen an appropriate amount of recognition at all! Have you?

Is a week enough time to recognize the awesomeness
of Small Businesses?

I’ve only noticed two news spots mentioning National Small Business Week. One of them was a national leader who said, “It’s National Small Business Week- support small businesses this week.” This pandering statement was disappointing. Research reveals that America’s small businesses hold 65% of the business. I thought there would have been a little more fanfare! I thought it would be important to say we need to support small businesses more than one week out of the year!

OK, I must give credit where credit is due as well. At least a full week of acknowledgement was appropriate versus the typical day of recognition we often see. This had me thinking… National Small Business Week About – why a week?

How Old is National Small Business Week?

National Small Business Week began in 1963. It’s already over 50 years old.  I didn’t see anything why it is honored for a week versus a day. It only seems appropriate for the Small Business Administration to host large events across a handful of larger cities during this week. Yet, everyone should know this is a time to celebrate, honor, and support the hard work and dedication of Small Business Owners and Business Leaders.

Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Supporting Small Business

Three time each week Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. honors you, the Small Business Owners and Business Leaders. We celebrate successes. We share strategies to support improved performance. We talk straight about business mishaps. We share inspiring quotes of Friday with a success strategy. We discuss the importance of taking breaks and vacations. We help you become a better leader of your business. We discuss how to implement change successfully. We share tips to help with work-life balance. We help you simplify your business for it to be more profitable. We talk about the business strategies and tips I find in movie review example and how you can apply them to your business. Our blog is dedicated to you. Happy National Small Business Week!

Please, help us get the word out that we support Business Owners and Leaders.

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Let’s make our success and the success of others a priority by reading and sharing practical and applicable business strategies and tips each week!

Please feel free to share any questions, comments, or tips regarding honoring and celebrating YOUR Business’s success.


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p. s.: You still have a couple of days to share with your team and customers how important it is to recognize and celebrate National Small Business Week. Hurry, put on your thinking cap and have some fun with this!


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