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Focus Prevents Business Owners from Unnecessary Failure

Focus illustrated by grade school children working together to do some classwork. Focus of photo is on two boys- one writing and the other watching the worker.
We all learned to focus when we were children. Let’s remember again and boost our business!

Focus Prevents Business Owners
from Unnecessary Failure

Focus seems elusive to many Business Owners. But it doesn’t need to be. Effectively focusing is something we teach and encourage grade school children to attain. It is possible. We have accomplished this many times throughout our lives.

Typically Business Owners aren’t able to master focusing on the necessaries. Unfortunately their business suffers from this. I wonder if this is what prevents a majority of businesses from succeeding and becoming profitable. I suspect this is true. However, I do know this: if YOU want YOUR Business to be profitable, YOU must be able to focus on projects through completion.

I want to be clear here, I’m not addressing the hobbyist business owner in this blogpost. Business Owners are typically addressed as either successful or unsuccessful. Successful Business Owners will share their secrets of how they had to work hard and keep their focus. They also reveal how they’ve made many mistakes before they “figured it out“.

Unsuccessful Business Owners talk about how “all the card of the deck were stacked against them”. In some cases this may be true. In most it isn’t. Instead of taking ownership for their un-success, many failed Business Owners will blame everyone and everything except for themselves.

This is one of the common threads in successful Business Owners’ Success Stories: talking about the moment when they realized they had no focus and they weren’t in control of their success or profitability any longer. Then, they usually reveal how they shifted that reality by buckling down and doing what was necessary.

Do you have enough focus to get you through each day for a week or month?
Dare I ask if a quarter or year?

Purchase a Day Planner (ideally hard copy, not digital). Why? It’s harder to blow off a plan you took the time to create in your own handwriting. The best Day Planner on our planet is by the company: PlannerPads.com  I’ve tried everything – they are it. When I’ve tried others, I always come back to them for their effectiveness. I have my clients utilize this exceptional organizing and guiding tool. They love the focus it provides!

Plan time to work on YOUR Business. Do it without fail. Don’t allow other people to interfere with your progress. Your work is just as important as any other appointment. Treat your appointments with YOUR Business as priority. Then watch your levels of concentration and progress improve!

What keeps you from focusing on your necessary projects? Comments are welcomed and I will reply.


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  1. What a great post…just what I needed today! Oh…look at that pretty butterfly….
    Oh yes, well I really needed this post today…
    but first I have to go put the laundry in the dryer…
    then I can work on my business…
    Oh geez, I forgot to feed the cats….
    Oh, I can save time by feeding the dogs at the same time.
    My hubby will be home soon. I really need to figure out what to make for supper..

    Oh geez. I forgot to come back to this.
    Well, I will just re-look at this tomorrow.
    hahahah bye for now!

    Seriously though. Having a home based business can be so hard, and yet in other ways, it can be so easy. I am still looking for that CONSISTENT FOCUS.

    Blessings, Barbara Marie

    1. Dear Barbara Marie, Do you want to the know the secret to gaining consistent focus and mastering it? Are you ready? Just show up every day to practice it. The incremental changes you make, each day, will ultimately become a quantum leap from where you are today! Just show up and practice a little more- consistently. This week I just told a client, wouldn’t it be great to say, “In spite of all that happened today, I was able to accomplish X!” instead of “Life just got in the way today…”? Sure it would! See what you can make happen with your work tasks before 9am or 10 am or even noon. Then keep doing this 🙂 Let me know how it’s working for you!

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