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Breaking through the muck is worth it

Breaking through illustrated by a white a magenta lotus flower floating upon a leaf in a muddy body of water.
Breaking through and getting to the surface and blossoming is the reward for diving into your muck!

Breaking through the muck is worth it!

Do you know the outcome of breaking through your muck?
Breaking through your muck provides success and profit.
Here’s the simple solution and 1 action item for success!

Breaking through any constraint is a challenge. These breakthroughs always have a significant reward attached to them. Business Owners experience business success in the same fashion. What’s the key? Staying focused.

An Epic “May Flowers” Story of Breaking Through

There is a beautiful flower in the Eastern World. It’s beauty is equivalent to the Western Rose. I’m referencing the Lotus flower. If you are unfamiliar with the flower, see the image at the top of this post. It usually is depicted in art with a peaceful yet vibrancy to it.

There is something quite exquisite about how this flower is so prolific. We only see the beautiful flower blooming at the surface of the water. But something powerful occurs below.

Below the surface, in the muck of the water the lotus seed must be planted or placed. You know the stuff that’s mucky when you walk in the water. That’s the perfect garden for a beautiful flower to take root.

This would be considered gross and unfavorable to others. Yet it’s precisely the necessary environment for one of the most beautiful flowers in the world to take hold and blossom.

If you see a lotus flower, I assure you there is much below. Nature is most fascinating. Isn’t it?

Business Owner Lotus Breaking Through

If you are like most Business Owners, there’s some things that feel like muck to you. Yes?

When you are looking at the muck, it isn’t pleasant. Yet the muck keeps calling you. Almost nagging you for attention. You can ignore it, but ultimately it will win. Why? You need this resolved for your business to thrive.

Simplistic Lotus Breaking Through Solution:

As unappealing as it may be… Pick yourself up and plant yourself in the middle of that muck. Once you decide to actually be in it for 10 – 15 minutes you start to embrace it, find solutions, and move toward your surface.

When you’re in your muck, you will begin to find solutions to it. But you have to dive into it first!

Select one thing: decluttering or taking on something newThen go to that area or open that file or folder.  Take a deep breath and make one action. Then take another breath and make another action.

Repeat this until you have make headway toward your surface. Then, remember to come back here and deep dive into the next actions to help you reach your surface of this specific challenge.

Most likely the one thing you resist most will support you in breaking through and blossom beautifully. In business this means becoming more successful and profitable.

What’s your greatest difficulty of breaking through? Do you have tricks that help you? Share your answer in the comment section.


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