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When everything changes, change everything

Polar bear on melting iceberg.
Maybe you don’t need to change everything.

When everything changes, change everything: 
practical wisdom under the certain circumstances

Change everything can seem radical and sometimes it is. Let’s just say it – change gets a bad rap. It shouldn’t, but it does. We all want things to be different, but how many of us are willing to do the work to create the transformation?

WARNING: Small Business Owners (SBOs) aren’t as willing as they perceive they are. They want to improve their small business’s performance but they are unwilling to do the very things which will create the change they seek.

Are you one of the SBOs who is talking about change, but not delivering it? 

Recently, I was speaking with a different industry expert and she revealed how frustrated she is with people who are crying for a new way of being – only though, if it is easy to accomplish. Her industry has many people, who like SBOs, seek change – under their terms. As she shared her  frustrations with this, we discussed how people aren’t willing to commit to making any transformation occur until they are truly ready. 

Change is odd. The process isn’t comfortable – it’s unfamiliar. Often, it reveals our weaknesses and we feel vulnerable. I’m with you… why would anyone want to volunteer for such agitation? The answer: the person who understands transformation empowers people!

I share with her how most people are wanting change but not committed to it. Why? Regardless of what they say, they aren’t committed to the outcome. The outcome isn’t more powerful to them than their current circumstances.

What, everything must change?

No. Here’s a my reality to help understand how to do this in a good way.

About 5 months ago, I was in a really bad accident. The recovery was rather unexpected and is extended. It has caused me to evaluate how I function (no small feat since I’m a high performer) and how to continue doing business at the levels I have. Well, guess what? Everything changed, so now it’s time to change – everything. I just found an expert to help me with my Brain Trauma Recovery so we’ll be great by Autumn. 

Yet, it has me re-evaluating my roles, priorities, and what is most valued. I’ve had to revert to checklists and and ask for much more assistance than ever before! Heck, I’ve even tightened up my volunteering roles. You see, everything changed for me so now I must change everything. 

No, I’m not talking about change for the sake of change – that’s just foolish! I’m talking about change to get a better and deliberate outcome.

Simplify transformation

Please understand, I am not suggesting you change every aspect of your life or business. It may be much more beneficial for you to notice how much you talk about change; yet, resist it.

I am suggesting you assess what is and isn’t working in your business. What needs to be released? Do you have something you should be doing more? Have you been thinking about doing something different to get different results – perhaps different strategies, processes, or technology? What will revitalize you and your business’s success rate?

A big hug of appreciation to Neale Donald Walsch for his exception quote, “When everything changes, change everything.”

What new actions will support your vision of success? 


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