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The Bucket List: Business Movie Review

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What can “The Bucket List” movie teach you about achieving?

The Bucket List:
Business Movie Review

“The Bucket List” teaches business strategies of 
Tenacity, Dreaming Bigger, 

The Bucket List (2007) movie is a favorite of many. It helps us remember how unusual circumstances may create something very powerful to experience! This is a story is of how two strangers meet and how they enrich one another. They are from different socio-economical classes – one an eccentric and shallow billionaire and the other is a lifetime auto mechanic, who is extremely smart.

Over time, these two gents become friends and take on some of their bucket list items. I wanted to share this movie review after all the chatter about new year resolutions were complete and we could look at this through the proper lens. As a Business Leader and/or Business Owner, you have a bucket list, as does YOUR Business. When was the last time you granted YOUR Business something on its bucket list? If it’s been awhile, maybe it’s time. The same goes for you! Read the review and watch The Bucket List movie to ensure greater possibilities than ever before.

This movie is amazing. Viewed through a different lens, it will help you improve YOUR Business Success ! 

The Bucket List Business Strategy #1 

Both characters had a great deal of tenacity. Both with their physical circumstances and ultimately their choice to live-out their bucket lists to the best of their capability. Billionaire Edward Cole, must come to grips with his diagnosis and his poor life choices. Mechanic Carter Chambers must come to terms with doing all the right things and still not being completely satisfied with his life.

How often do you make business choices that may be the best in the moment, but long-term you wish you’d have chosen differently? Yes, this happens. Hindsight provides clarity. Sometimes you have an opportunity to correct that old action, other times not. Whatever your circumstances are, pardon yourself and take the best actions you can. Start moving favorably today!

The Bucket List Business Strategy #2 
Dreaming Bigger

Business, as well as life, is filled with dreams. Edward knew how to play with big dreams and make this happen. Did he have the resources to do this? Yes. However those resources came because he knew how to dream big at a younger age. Carter didn’t dream big. He was a practical dreamer. Carter’s life reflected his way of thinking and he was regretting it.

Are you dreaming big enough for your business and career? Are you playing with practicality or possibility? Slow down and be honest with yourself. Possibilities are waiting for you. They are begging you to experiment with them. All my clients know that if they want unconventional results, they must take unconventional actions, which begins with impractical dreaming and envisioning.

Follow your dreams – accept the tests and tribulations. Learn what you’re made out of! What dream do you have for your business that you’d like to actualize? Feel free to share in the comment section!

The Bucket List Business Strategy #3 

Edward and Carter had an opportunity to correct their life’s choices and chart a new course. Carter, who had many people who he was accountable to, had difficulty making some choices. Edward helped Carter remember to stand for what he knew and then follow through with it.

How often do you allow others to talk you off your game? If something is calling you forward, stay with it. This is about persistence. If you make a choice to do something different, stay with it for a long time. Give it ample opportunity for it to become successful. Most likely if you do, you will be rewarded with your vision becoming reality. Of course, that’s if you’re creating Right Thoughts and Right Actions!

Perseverance is about standing in your truth over the test of time and overcoming obstacles. Be strong – activate your dream by committing to see it through. Your perseverance is a testimony to you believing in your dreams.

Feel free to share in the comment section which one of the Business Strategies from “The Bucket List” movie would serve YOU and YOUR Business best right now?

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