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Values dictate priorities and accomplishments

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Unknowing your values are dictating your Business Success Rate. Do you know why?

Values dictate priorities
and accomplishments

Your values guide your business’s success. Nothing impacts your achievement level more than understanding the power your values hold.

All day long your values are helping you choose which priorities you are actively working and completing. Even thought it isn’t commonly discussed among productivity experts, your values determine which activities you embrace and avoid.

Further, each value drives what becomes a priority. Ultimately, impacting what is accomplished and YOUR Business’s Success Rate.

The power of a  known value

Values help us choose what is most important to us. Per Brian Tracy’s book, “Time Power“, it’s when we know our values that we make choices which align with our priorities and ultimately become more accomplished.

When it comes to productivity, we’ve heard about The Pareto Principle, more commonly dubbed The 80-20 Rule. Yet we tend to get snagged in the minor tasks instead of making important power moves by prioritizing our tasks to align with what we value.

Achievement conversations usually involve the two words critical and urgent. Do you feel as if you are only juggling all your activities according to them being either urgent or critical? Most of us are  doing this both personally and professionally. If you are a Small Business Owners you function like a project manager all week long determining when and how things are accomplished. Parents are masters at this as well.

TIP: Even if it feels as if everything is critical and urgent, most of it isn’t. Slowing down to determine your true priorities will decrease stress levels.

Click here to read more about what PT Barnum says about scattering your effectiveness and power.

How to align your tasks with your values

You have many facets of your life both personally and professionally. Sometimes the answer lies right here. This is a constant balancing act with the priorities of these two shifting back and forth on any given day.

The past several days have me in 3 key projects which happen to culminate right now. All critical and each project is urgent.

This quarter has had some big deliverables and I’ve been working long weeks over the past month. However, I was exhausted three days ago and needed to walk away from everything. I knew it would “slow me down”, but I wasn’t working at my capacity. 

At that point, I took a day off. Why? To honor my values of self-care, family, and high level of service. When I knew what was most important, I was able to powerfully decide and take appropriate action.

It is true that there are times that business rules over family? Yes. This is the balancing act I was referencing.

In order to make better decisions to accomplish YOUR Business’s goals, why not start by discerning what is most important to you. Then get busy planning your daily and weekly actions to align or be congruent with what you value most. You know you are living this when you have clarity and enjoy doing and completing your tasks more gracefully than you are now. 

REMEMBER: By slowing down to discern, you are creating right thoughts. Right thoughts coupled with right actions supports favorable Business Performance.

How often do you find yourself spinning your wheels on the little stuff instead of making power moves to advance your business? I catch myself doing it too often and retrain myself to reprioritize.


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