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Still talking success instead of walking it?

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Talking success instead of walking it makes Small Businesses obsolete.

Still talking success instead of walking it?

Talking success instead of walking success is common. Common for people what want to bring change into their lives. Often Small Business Owners (SBOs) are infected by the “talk versus walk” bug. So how do SBOs shift from talking about success, which is essential, to delivering it?

By nature, SBOs are great talkers. Why? SBOs are natural dreamers, visionaries, or what I call possibilitarians. SBOs must believe anything is possible.

Believing anything is possible is a requirement to achieve favorable Small Business Performance. Unfortunately this catalyst for success often becomes the downfall of many Small Business Owners. Is this you?

What should be in YOUR Small Business Owner Job Description?

Do you have a job description? Not the ineffective ones you might remember from your days of employment, but one to guide your actions?

SBOs must hold the vision for YOUR Business’s Potential. This is essential. Talking success is common and necessary for you to succeed; yet, it must be balanced with action to be effective.

Often, action is the missing ingredient in unsuccessful small businesses. This lack of action usually falls into two categories: (1) SBOs who love the talk, or (2) SBOs who don’t know which action will deliver the best results.

Insights for SBOs who are talking success:

You are off to a great start! Now it’s time to move beyond this starting position of inaction. When SBOs get caught in the ‘talk, no walk’ phase they become dreamers. 

Medieval times offers a great example of dreaming. If you love the talk, you are similar to a person who knows where you want to go, but as you sit in the carriage you’re not progressing toward your destination.

It doesn’t matter how strong your intention is or how grand it may be. If there is no horse hitched to your carriage you aren’t going anywhere.

Is this you? Do you find yourself sitting in the carriage without making the progress you envision? If so, your ‘talk to walk ratio’ is misaligned. You need to move into action and move along a favorable path.

 Insights for SBOs who don’t know which actions to take:

You are in an amazing and powerful point in YOUR Success Journey as a SBO. Even though it may not feel like it, you are. You are in what I call in a ‘moment of choice’. 

Right now your ‘moment of choice’ is deciding if you want to dream and fantasize or step into action. Try this: recall what YOUR Intention is for creating a successful business. This is what inspires you.

Are you willing to move into an uncomfortable zone to attain YOUR Intention? Congrats for being honest with yourself. If you want out, then enjoy looking for employment. Even though it can appear very sexy, entrepreneurship isn’t the right flavor for everyone.

If you want to live into YOUR Intention, you need to hitch a horse up to the carriage you’ve been sitting in.

What type of horse will get your to your destination? One that can traverse the path you choose.

How do you know which path will deliver the results you seek? Most likely you won’t know until you begin experimenting. Click here to learn more about SBO Experimentation.

There are paths which will deliver a higher probability of success. You must select which path you believe will bring you closest to YOUR Destination (intention).

Instead of talking about it with your supporters, start talking to other people about who can help you effectively and efficiently get to YOUR Destination. Then start working with your new guide who can help you traverse this unfamiliar territory.

NOTE: The most successful SBOs have guides, yes plural, to guide them along the better paths for success.

Action Item: Transitioning from talking success to walking it

Right Action begins with Right ThoughtMake an appointment on your calendar within the next 48 hours to discern what YOUR Commitment to YOUR Intention and business is in a realistic manner.

Your job is to find an appropriate horse to hitch to your carriage and have them guide you along your path.

Take action by reaching out to 3 people who can get you closer to finding the right guide. No one can do this except you! Get busy making it happen. 

Please feel free to share a question or insights in the comments section. What typically holds you back from achieving your intention?


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p.s.: Walking the talk is required for success. Get busy getting into action down the best paths.

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