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Thank you cards: It’s time to send them out

Thank YOU Cards as trophies illustrated as a man's hand holding a pen and just finished writing "Thank You!".
Unknowingly, Thank You Cards may become a trophy or award for the recipients!

Thank You Cards: It’s time to send them out!

Thank you cards are a great way to express your appreciation
to YOUR Customers and Mentors.

While Business Owners are busy working on creating a healthy sales boost yet this last month of the year, remember to send appreciation messages too! It will enrich your holiday experience all the more.

Client experience of receiving a Thank You Card

This morning I opened an email from a client. I will name this client “Jack”. I am serving Jack with Business Coaching for a full start-up of his new business. While working together we unearthed Jack’s listening skills weren’t as strong as he’d like. We have been working on this while we progress through his start-up and launching activities.

This morning I opened my email and I received a message from Jack. He was pretty excited and wanted to share something with me. Recently Jack was facilitating an ongoing event. One of the event’s participants sent him a card in the mail and he copied it for me to read. It was a beautiful expression of appreciation for facilitating the event and how it impacted the participant. There was even a statement about “being a great listener“.

Now this was the jackpot for Jack! After much work, he finally had someone notice his improvement. The fact that someone took time to express their appreciation in hand written form impressed Jack. He is quite touched and encouraged. His new thank you card is now his new trophy!

Thank You Cards as Trophies!

Take time and send a thank you card/s in the mail this month. Send these cards of appreciation to those who have made a difference in your life. I promise you, it will make a difference in their life! I never thought thank you cards could be a trophy for the recipient! Did you?

Brilliant Breakthroughs Action Item:
Create YOUR Thank you cards list of trophy winners. Make sure your cards arrive between now and the first week in January. You never know who make be needing a trophy!

TIP: This isn’t designed to replace Christmas Greeting Cards. Find 10 minutes here and there to quiet yourself and create a card for someone. You’ll benefit too by slowing down just a little bit to do this during the hustle and bustle of December. These thank you cards are the extra mile you take, as you step into excellence. Please make note of the p.s. below.


Also, THANK YOU for reading and following this unconventional Business Coach’s blog to help you optimize your leadership and business performance. Please click here for an appreciation gift like none you’ve ever seen before!

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p.s. Purchase an extra pack of Thank you cards to send out to award winning folks. Keep this great action time of appreciation going throughout the year in real-time!

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