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Listening skills: your most important life skill

Listening skills depicted by ear buds having neon special effects on them while sitting on a laptop keyboard
Business Owners-Leaders: Are you improving your listening skills or still broadcasting messages?

Listening Skills are considered your most important
life skill – why?

Do you listen to what others are saying?
Are you a “good communicator”?
Do you seek to understand?

Humans are social beings. Research has consistently shown us this. More recently, social media platforms have validated this! The number of users on any one platform is staggering. When you look at the top 5 social media sites and how many users are there all together, it’s phenomenal.

There is no doubt we are social human beings. Beings, who need to communicate with one another, to accomplish tasks and enjoy experiences. Thus, listening skills become essential to effective living.

Have you developed your listening skills?

Are YOU an Exceptional Listener?

To become an exceptional communicator you must develop exceptional listening skills. Why? Effective communication is more about listening than speaking. Why do you think social media sites are so popular? (Please read p.s. at bottom of this post.) People get to speak (broadcast) their thoughts and ideas.

Have you ever had a boss who didn’t listen to what you were saying? Chances are their listening skills weren’t developed. This is a great disconnect from reality. We need to create conversations to create the outcomes we seek. Effective conversations have a speaker (sender of a message) and a listener (the receiver of a message) of a message.  I know that’s basic. Want to know how to be exceptional at communication?

Two elderly men in suits. One whispering to another who is listening and smiling.
Listen Up! Even when it’s hard to hear

Improving Listening Skills Assists
Effective Communication

The message receiver needs to stop thinking about what they think the sender is going to say and actually listen to what the sender is communicating. Conversely, the sender needs to think about what message needs to be understood. Then, use language/analogies/stories in a manner that is best suited for the specific receiver to be able to understand the message.

TIP: Effective communication is two-fold. First, the sender needs to send an appropriately understandable message. Second, the receiver needs to pay attention to what the message actually is.

Listening skills come from being self-disciplined. When you listen to others are you multi-tasking? Are you adding your own preconceived notions to what is being said? Are you waiting for the sender to finish so you can interject your message to them? Do you loosely care how your message lands on the receiver?

Effective communication is an art. It needs a great deal of practice. Just as you practice a speech, it is important to practice improving your listening skills over and over. This is crucial since most of us listen more than we speak each day. Another point of self-discipline in a conversation: listen more than you speak and chances are you will communicate better.

Networking Tips depicted by a man shouting into t tin can with a string ties to it.
NEW Networking Tips that Work

Business Owners-Leaders, one of the most important aspects of your performance is communication. Start by listening more. Then practice this over and over. Ask more questions – you’ll be amazed at what you didn’t know. Of course, the key to improving your listening skills is to practice listening. If you strive to make each conversation purposeful, it will be so as you hone your listening skills.

Remember: The most effective communicators and leaders are the best listeners.

Please, comment or ask a question regarding listening skills or effective communication to improve your business’s performance.


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p. s. Are your social media communications more about sending messages or communicating effectively? Are you improving your listening skills on these communication sites?


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