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Precise communication for business effectiveness

Precise Communication:
Your customers want it!

Precise communication depicted with a male archer releasing his bow and the arrow is starting to fly toward its target.
Precise communication – Everyone wants it

Is your communication precise?
Do your customers understand what you’re saying?

Precise communication has been a hot topic for many of my clients for the past week. From one client considering offering a service as a ghostwriter of presentations and reports to another client on creating great proposals. Oh, and reviewing two new websites for start-ups too. On Friday I realized how precise communication isn’t occurring as much as we’d like to admit!

As a thought leader I am a content curator. I collect and manage mass amounts of content. Of course, I contribute my fair share too! Going to Graduate School and having a terribly persnickety professor was one of the best things I could’ve ever experienced to improve my written and presentation skills. That grueling weekly training, I don’t wish upon anyone. Yet, it has served me quite well.

Precise communication – we all want it

  • Have you ever read something and scratched your head because it didn’t make any sense?
  • Did you every read something and realize the writer was writing to the wrong person?
  • Did you ever write something and presume the reader would understand what you were expressing?

Typically, a majority of our communication is less than effective. Why? We are lazy and sloppy.

 How can we have more precise communication
with our customers or potential customers?

Often, we don’t give others the framework to place our concepts within. Remember when we were in high school and we learned to write a paper? Do you remember learning how to create an outline? Did you learn to do this with the old index cards like I did? We were taught to write an outline because it helped us keep our thoughts categorized or clustered. Then after we built our clusters of thought, we put them in a sequence, which would make sense to the reader.

Most well written communications and presentations have been developed via the above approach. Even the best writers still utilize the outline method – even if they only do it mentally. A master communicator needs to be thorough and precise. A master communicator reworks their material until it is clean and clearly understood. Precise communication is simplified.

Are you practicing precise communication?

I work at this all the time. I’m not perfect, but I’m always perfecting my craft. Effective communication is precise communication. Very seldom is precise communication created spontaneously. Precise communication is specific the audience. It addresses what the audience needs to hear, in the language they need to hear it. In the sequence which will make the most sense to them – not you the creator.

Precise communication matters. By slowing down to assure your communication is precise and effectively written to your specific audience, you will accelerate your business activities and communications. This effectiveness will actually create greater efficiency for you and your business.

Please feel free to share any questions, comments, or tips you have regarding how precise communication supports YOUR business success…


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p. s.: Notice how people are assuming you understand the context of their communication. The are not practicing precise communication. Are you ready to accept the invitation and review your writing before you send it on?


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