November 11


Supporting our military with appreciation

Supporting our military through business illustrated through a women service member crawling across a rope.
Supporting our Military matters! I’d want this veteran on my team! Wouldn’t you?

Supporting our Military with Appreciation:
Are you doing your fair share?

Supporting our military needn’t be difficult for Business Owners. Today is Veteran’s Day, a national holiday of appreciation. I pose the question, “Are you doing your fair share of supporting our military?”

By Supporting our Military YOU Strengthen YOUR Business

As Business Owners this isn’t a terribly difficult task to accomplish! It will improve YOUR Business’s performance too! Do you hire veterans? Do you seek veterans as your suppliers for services and goods? Do you offer discounts to veterans? Do you support other businesses who support and appreciate our military? Hopefully you are saying “yes” to one or more of these.

As a Business Owner, you are in a position to do great good by supporting our military in a myriad of ways. You even have the opportunity to select a veteran organization as YOUR Business’s Charitable Cause. Years ago I remember reading that 25% of the homeless in America are veterans (but can’t recall the source). Business Owners can make a big difference in a veteran’s life.

Hiring Veterans boosts YOUR Business’s Performance

Utilizing the talents our veterans have acquired is a smart business move. Through their service training veterans understand the concepts and actions of strategy and tactics. They know what it feels like to complete a mission or goal. They know how to concentrate their focus to complete tasks. They’re also familiar with adversity and how to push through it. These are great qualities to have in your internal team or externally with suppliers. They know how to deliver!

Supporting our military does matter. During their years of service veterans did things we can’t even begin to imagine. Yet we all benefit from those things – especially the unmentionables. I invite you to consider how you can support our military. Then take appropriate action.

Supporting our Military with Heartfelt Appreciation:

When our children were young I taught them to say “thank you” to veterans when they saw them. I lead by example. One of the easiest places to do this is at the grocery store. Veterans are easy to identify by their baseball caps or shirts. Most of the older veterans are surprised. It doesn’t take much to stop in front of a veteran to thank them. Then ask them where they served and what they did. That’s a meaningful expression of appreciation to a veteran. This is easy and you can do it too!

If you’d like to watch a great movie about our veterans, I encourage you to watch “Field of Lost Shoes”. Click here to see our Business Movie Review of “Field of Lost Shoes”. It is based on a historical battle and the events leading up to it. It can be a great motivator for you to find a way for supporting our military.

Thank you Veterans!
Without your selfless service,
our country wouldn’t be the America we know and love!

Please feel free to comment or ask questions on anything you’d like. We are here to help you Step-Up to accomplish YOUR Business Goals…


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p.s. I married into a strong military family. I am blessed to marry a Marine decades ago. We lived on a Marine Corps Base. The respect, leadership, and perseverance I witnessed daily is a strong part of who I am today. Blessings upon all military families!


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