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Stay on Course for YOUR Business’s Success

Royal crown with diamonds
Do you stay on course like royalty does as they travel?

Stay on Course for
YOUR Business’s Success

We commonly hear, “Stay on course”; yet this isn’t the easiest thing to do, but it can be simple. I know this may feels like double talk, but it isn’t. This is one of the key lessons which supports YOUR Business’s Success.

Recently, I was listening to the radio on a Sunday morning. They were playing the remastered version of “America’s Top 40”, with Casey Kasem. The countdown year was in the late 80s. As Casey does, he was sharing a little history of an upcoming musical artist.

Casey starts weaving a story about one of the biggest performers of the 80s. He shared how this star was performing just years earlier and was booed and had all sorts of things thrown at him while he was the opening act for some of the biggest tours or the circuit. The historical story was filled with dissatisfied audiences, who were behaving badly from city to city. Yet, this performer continues to show up.

Ultimately, he became one of the music’s most successful performers. When he died, I remember witnessing 3 generations of women crying. No, it wasn’t Elvis. I’ll share who later.

What’s YOUR Course?

Are you staying on course like this performer did? If you had things thrown at your from your audience, would you have the moxie to show up each next day ready to give them your best all over again?

I’m not sure I would… and I’m all about making bold moves happen!

What is your path for success? What are you allowing to distract you? Is it people, things, behaviors (unfavorable habits)?

Whatever it is, why not move beyond it and step back into manifesting your dream?

Is it easy to do what you do? Sometimes. Unfortunately, too often we tend to make it harder than necessary. I laugh at myself when I catch myself doing this.

When you move beyond the distractions, you can start taking quantum leaps of living YOUR Business Dream. It doesn’t take much. Commitment to create the Right Thoughts and do the Right Actions – even amidst adversity!

Stay on Course Action Item:

Start by creating a more consistent day or week of activities. Plan to do the same activity on the same day or time.

This way, when you find yourself off course, you simply look at your calendar and get back into the activities that are most important for YOUR Business’s Success. 

TIP: The key is to be consistent and learn to self-manage.

The musician and performer to the above story is Prince. He was familiar with adversity.

That doesn’t mean it’s easier. How did this impact his Success Rate? He knew how to hold onto his dream and consistently do what was necessary to fulfill HIS dream. I’m glad he had the tenacity and persistence! Without that, the world would have missed out on some great songs!

Now, open up your calendar and tighten down your schedule. This will assist you when you deviate from your plan. It will simply guide you to get back on the path you created!

What’s the one thing that always side-tracks you? Feel free to answer in the comment section.


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