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The Progression And Regression Dance

The Progression and Regression Dance:
Don’t Despair!

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Small Business Owners are constantly dancing with progression and regression throughout their business days.

To we are going to discuss what I call The Progression and Regression Dance. I’m going to take you on a fabulous ride, so buckle up! I assure you this will help you improve your business’s success and your performance as well!

Do these words sound familiar?

Ambition, success, failures, and challenges. These are the hot topics when we start a new year, adventure, or any new project. There’s also another round of words: sabotage, goals, do-overs, productivity, discipline, or perhaps even proactive.

Isn’t this bizarre that new endeavors have these extreme opposites? The fact is this is the truth.

Let’s explore more of what my 29-minute podcast episode reveals. Here’s the link that explains only what I’m recapping below.
Here’s the link for your listening:

The Ebb and Flow of Progression

All these terms and experiences are anchored in the ebb and flow of progression and regression.

Let’s define these big words and how they apply to you:

Progression’s root word – is Progress: to go forward or think advance.

Regression’s root word – is Regress: to go backward.

There’s one more word we should add to this…

Digression, its root word is Digress: to go sideways.

If you were traveling, you’d say any distance that gets you closer to your destination is progress. When you lose distance from your intended destination, you’d say you’re going backward or regressing from your destination. Here’s the interesting one – what if you decided to take a scenic detour? You might still be moving toward your destination but approaching it from the side instead of directly progressing or regressing. You’ll still get to your destination while digressing your journey. FYI: Scenic detours aren’t necessarily bad – if you’re on one, you have a choice: To stay on it or to get back on track – whichever choice you make, enjoy it!

Progression Update

This year I’m hearing something a little different.

Can you guess what it might be? … Here’s a hint: it’s still the beginning of the year.

Did you guess it? Were you thinking about New Year’s Eve? Swaying to the music or watching the New Years’ Eve Ball Drop in Times Square? Were you thinking about how everyone boldly declares lofty resolutions on Dec 31st or January 1st? Was this you? If so, kudos! If not, good for you! Remember: Wherever you are, enjoy it!

Here’s a little taste of being a Possibilitarian

I’m a Possibilitarian and want to share this with you. Remember Disney’s theme song, When You Wish Upon a Star?

At the beginning of each year OR any new project, we have this golden opportunity. Then, this happened… 

All of a sudden, I started hearing several people state how they are regressing with their resolution and won’t be able to achieve it. That’s right several…. Is this you? Have you been saying something like that?  If so, silently own it to yourself right now. We’ll wait a moment 😊

So this prompted me to start checking in with my coaching peers. What did they share? …

Yep, you guessed it! They were hearing similar things! They shared how their clients are creating new goals already – and that was happening by the 15th of January! Let me assure you re-setting new goals is not the action to take when you’re only several weeks into a 52-week journey or project.

A-ha and Trends

I’m going to give you permission to slow down, get real, and give yourselves a little more grace. It’s quite baffling for me to share that right now, it’s only the beginning (now end) of February; don’t despair!

For a decade I’ve been blogging and talking about how the research reveals new year resolutions typically don’t have favorable outcomes. In fact, for a long time, 86% of new year resolutions went unfulfilled. Until recently. Through this year’s research, I learned there are some new statistical data about new year’s resolutions (the podcast episode lists several).

Here’s some Intention Inspiration & Progression Tips

I’m going to share something now that successful people practice every day, without fail. This next point is one of the primary lessons to high achievement levels. It’s about allowing yourself to experiment. Experimenting is designed to help you find the truth, your truth.

This podcast episode goes into great depth explaining:

  • the power of experimenting
  • the power of intentions
  • how simplicity supports success
  • what a neurologist and sleep expert states to improve your success rate
  • my hilarious new habit to support success for 2022
  • a childhood story about curiosity
  • how using nature for learning
constant learning
Progression requires us to apply what we learn.

I Need More Progression, Now What?

Each Business Owner needs progressions to fulfill our intentions.

Here’s where I invite you, as a self-leader (this is already within you) to fulfill your vision, to join ranks with the self-manager (who is you as well and) can control how things get accomplish begin to align as you begin creating new actions to achieve your dreams.

Remember: If you have new intentions, you’ll first need Right Thoughts to help you achieve your intentions. And those Right Thoughts need Right Actions to come to life. Learning what is Right Actions is what helps you find your new approach through experimentation.

If you aren’t sure how to do this, I invite you to learn about the 10 Step Process for Inward Leadership. Tap this link: https://www.brilliantbreakthroughs.com/InwardLeader/ Don’t worry, this is one of my give-backs – truly with no hype and no cost! You’ll find this practical and tactical for you to achieve.

Again, just like I’ve been sharing – you have a choice. I invite you to embrace The Progression and Regression Dance to assure your journeys end exactly where you intend! 


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p.s.: Understanding your Progression and Regression Dance is a key element to being competitive.

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