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New goals require you to jump into action

Jumping into Action in full military jumping gear
Jumping into action can be rewarding, if appropriately prepared and done for the right reasons.

New goals require you to
jump into action

Did you jump into action when the calendar flipped to 2020 or did you wait until the first new week of the new year? Did you jump into action to because there was a meaning behind your new goal or the calendar revealed it was time? Knowing the answer to this can determine if you achieve your business goals and improve your performance.

At the beginning of a new year. I notice Small Business Owners (SBOs) approach starting projects differently. Some dive in 100% and immediately, while others give themselves a steady pace, and others flounder.

With this year starting starting in the middle of the week, there were different approaches to vacationing and scheduling business operations. Perhaps you’re waiting until you get X, Y, or even Z completed to start with your new way or you’re still muddling around. It sure is a mixed bag of approaches. 

NOTE: This post is about approaches. I’m not talking about New Year’s Resolutions, which don’t work. Click here to read a short article about the ineffectiveness of New Year’s Resolutions.

Do you jump into action?

I see many SBOs jump into action when they are ready to start a new project, especially at the new year. Many don’t have enough inspiration to sustain their momentum. Eventually, SBOs stop taking the right actions to achieve their goals.  

Inspiration and motivation are different. Motivation occurs when something external gets you excited and helps you proceed. Whereas inspiration occurs when excitement comes from with-in and that spirit carries you forward. The two are very different.

Often, motivation isn’t enough to make great changes and endure the challenges, which are usually accompanied by new goals. The difference is when we are inspired we tend to succeed more often. Why? That particular spirit or fire (burning desire) within us is consistently supporting and encouraging us to move forward.

This spurring to advance, even amidst unimaginable obstacles, is why inspiration from within is superior to an external motivator. Admittedly, there are times when a motivator eventually transitions to be an inspiration. 

Are you motivated or inspired? 

CLUE: If you have to get all psyched-up to do something, that’s usually an indicator of being motivated. If you feel compelled to do something it’s usually an indicator of being inspired. (Gyms hope your motivation becomes inspiration via you continuously showing up for a couple of months.)

Inspiration lives deep within us. It is a reflection of our priorities. Priorities are anchored in our values. Our values influence everything we do. They assist us in doing the unthinkable and miraculous. Mothers have been known to lift cars to assist their child pinned under the car. This is an example of how a mother’s value of her child’s life is significantly greater value than the logic of how much a vehicle weighs.  

When we come from a place of inspiration, we are unstoppable. We can do the impossible.

FYI: We can gracefully do the impossible all day long. I witness many clients achieve what everyone told them was impossible and illogical.

Inspiration defies logic. What is stirring deep within you, assists you to exponentially achieve grand results. This allows you to jump into action and trust all will be well.

Jump into Action Tip

“Slow down to accelerate” is one of my more famous quotes. It’s applicable to many aspects of business ownership and SBOs appreciate the peaceful approach it provides. It drops our focus from our heads to our hearts. Slowing down to find the right thoughts, to hitch to the right actions, will always support success. Yes, always.

This helps you explore your values and define your priorities. It guides you about how you want to show-up and proceed. Once you have these right thoughts, you’re on track to create right actions. The best actions for your vision begin to emerge.

All SBOs have a different or unique business model for their unique vision, offering, and marketplace. Especially if disrupting the marketplace is your calling. Allow YOUR inspiration to guide your focus! This is how you jump into action. 

Of course, the key is to jump into the best direction. If you’re not sure which direction is best, find a tenured guide to support your success! If you’re not sure who that is, call me at 262-716-7750. I have an extensive network of tenured guides, plus over a dozen Brilliant Practicing ExpertsTM , who serve SBOs. Have fun finding and securing YOUR New Way!

Feel free to write in the comments section any questions you have or share what is calling you to jump into action….


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