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Are you hiding from your potential business?

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What would happen if you weren’t hiding from potential customers?

Are you hiding from your
potential business?

Far too often I notice Small Business Owners hiding from their potential business. What do I mean by this? There’s two points: not placing your contact information on your website and not being accessible both in person and virtually.

Answer Your Business Phone When It Rings

When people first speak to me about engaging as their Business Transformation Coach, they tell me they want more customers. This is common. Yet, when I start looking at what they’re doing online, I often notice they don’t have a phone number anywhere on their website. This baffles me!

This one action could improve your business’s performance considerably. What if it secured a potential customer? Would that be helpful to your profit margin?

With this instant access gratification consumer behavior we have become in this century, this is one thing which can be quickly remedied to gain more customers. 

If people want to access you, you should at least let them know how to speak with you immediately. Even if they leave a message, they will feel satisfied for the moment and hopefully stop seeking a competitor of your to fulfill their need. There is plenty of research on this. The Atlantic wrote a great short article on this: Why No One Answers Their Phone Anymore . 

REMEMBER: Your personal phone answering behavior may not be best suited for business phone answering behavior.

So now that we have you answering your business phone, let’s talk about business location. 

Location Information Attracts Potential Customers

Business contact information on websites and social media platforms aren’t commonly being posted now. This is another disservice to your customers and potential customers. How do they know which time zone you are in and when they should expect a response from you?

Now at first some of you may say that’s not important, it is. Would you book a hotel if you didn’t know where it’s located? 

You, as a Small Business Owner, are working to attract your ideal customers, right? Then why aren’t you allowing them to qualify you as a potential solution provider? 

Even if you don’t want to place your full address online, at least place your city, state, and/or time zone.

Thriving Businesses Need Visibility

Are you trying to build a great set of business without being visible?

Small Business Owners just aren’t introducing themselves to enough potential customers both personally and virtual. Now I’m not saying attend every networking event possible. Be strategic with where and who you network. Don’t become such a networking hound that you aren’t supporting your clients. 

Find a couple appropriate networking events and attend them. Then do the follow up with those you met. This is where the gold is – beginning to build new relationships. Access which ones are worth owning and start strengthening those relationships. This is working smarter than harder! Here’s a great article: The Power of Owning a Relationship in Business.

Know YOUR Business’s Visibility Stats

There’s power in understanding who is exploring and engaging on your website and social media platforms.

This isn’t anything new. Back in the day, there was a clicker that would count everyone walking through a store’s doorway. Heck there were even people paid to sit along side a road’s intersection and count the cars and their traffic patterns. Good thing we have technology to do these types of activities today!

It is important for you to know who you’re attracting. It’s either going to indicate you are attracting your ideal customer with your activities or you aren’t. Both sets of intelligence are important for you to know. Here’s a great user-friendly article for you to learn more about attracting your potential customers via website analytics, it’s a gold mine of insights. AKA: What’s happening on your website and how to make it rock even more!

Hopefully this article shared some ways to help you attract and convert more potential customers into paying customers with some very simple adjustments.

Engaging Potential Customer Bonus Tip:

If you don’t want people calling your private phone, get a free google phone number. I’ve been reaching out to some new people for business collaborations and it appears the new trend is don’t have a phone number on your site. This is ridiculous! Let people access you how they want to access you. Why are you turning away potential business. Please, be accessible.

Feel free to ask any questions or make any comments you have regarding your business’s success.

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