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Other People’s Agendas or Your Agenda?

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Double check each day: Is your schedule filled with YOUR Agenda or Other People’s Agendas?

Other People’s Agendas or Your Agenda?

Other People’s Agendas are all over your calendar. Should their agendas be running your schedule or should you?

As Small Business Owners, your calendar is filled with many different appointments and projects. Your schedule is filled with activities to attract and engage customers, to serving customers, to doing support activities for YOUR Business’s Growth.

There’s also things on your schedule that are Other People’s Agendas (OPAs). OPAs, unless they align with your agenda are what is slowing you down.

Other People’s Agendas Awareness

Look at your calendar right now. How many things are OPAs?

Look at your To-Do List for the week. How many action items aren’t supporting your agenda?

If you are like most SBOs, you have plenty of OPAs, and they’re slowing you down. Theses items are the root of much of your frustration and/or overwhelm you’re experiencing.

There’s a tool you use throughout each day, that’s infusing OPAs into your work and life. What do you think it is? 

Email. I heard Brendon Burchard say, “The greatest organizing tool for OPAs is YOUR Inbox.” They work hard to get your attention to make their agenda become your agenda. I agree 100% with Bendon’s statement. Do you?

Whose agenda are your running?

If you wake up or get into work and the first this you do is begin looking at social media or your inbox, your agenda just went out the window. The plan for today, that you set yesterday before you finished work, is lost. Yes, lost! It will be a miracle if you achieve all you planned to accomplish.

If you’ve lost your way, your productivity plan for the day requires you to show up differently. It requires an enormous amount of energy and discipline to steer you agenda back on its course for you to be productive and have wins for the day. 

Getting back on course after you derailed yourself is possible. Yet, it’s much easier to develop a good habit that will support your productivity than try to continuously overcome the negative impact of a bad habit. Want to learn more? Click here for a few short articles on strategies (thoughts) and actions to support you through this process: 

Does ambition really deliver results?
The Secret YOUR Schedule Reveals
The Impact of a Decisive Small Business Owner

Actions to Make YOUR Agenda the Priority

I strongly encourage you to block off 45 minutes on your calendar now. For you to schedule time to review the 3 posts above and build out a quick plan to activate ASAP. You’re business can’t afford for you not to invest this time.

Don’t have time on your schedule this week or next? Do what high performers do: Take time on a Sunday evening to educate yourself on how to perform better. YOUR Business needs you to get right and tight on this now.

NOTE: Please know that I’m not saying you should shirk any commitments you have made, nor am I saying to ignore your loved ones! From here on out guard your schedule from others and your old unproductive habits.

What’s that one habit you need to activate to secure greater productivity? Come on, be brave and make the decision. Then share YOUR Power Move for YOUR Business Success in the comment section. 

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