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Does Your Ambition Deliver the Results YOU Seek?

Does ambition really deliver results?

Ambition is powerful and it can move mountains. However if you intended to part the sea and moved a mountain instead, did you fulfill your intention or meet your goal?

When a Small Business Owner (SBO) is filled with ambition, which is a combination of eagerness and action, great things can happen. Even some unintended delights may occur. 

Unfortunately what occurs more often for SBOs is their most ambitious actions don’t deliver the result they seek. Why? They are taking great actions, but not the right actions. This is a common reason why SBOs don’t meet their Business’s Performance Goals.

Derailed Ambition – how does it happen?

Typically there’s two different times SBO’s ambitions can be derailed – just like a train.

WARNING: Don’t let your ambition become your business’s runaway train!

Derailment 1:
This occurs when the track forks and you pick the direction you believe is appropriate. Only to later learn it wasn’t the right choice.

Each project, goal, objective, or intention is filled with ample opportunities for decisions. No one is 100% accurate with the decisions they make. All SBOs make mistakes. Some poor decisions dissipate as if it never happened and others are undeniable. 

The key is to have a strong enough vision and strategy that your decisions keep you on the right course. Click here: to read about better decision making with confidence.

When you take the time to develop strategies to successfully achieve your goal aligning your decisions is easier to accomplish. Less mistakes are made as SBOs choose aligned actions along the journey.

Derailment 2:
When you begin your journey you have a well defined map (strategy), but you don’t have enough fuel (resources) to get to your destination.

This derailment starts very early in the process. Sometimes it occurs because of poor planning, while other times it occurs because of being unfamiliar with your journey’s requirements.

Lately I’ve been hearing from SBOs that many of their projects are taking 3 times longer than they anticipated. I find my projects, even familiar ones are taking longer. The common thread with the slower pace of projects seems to be commonly experienced as many of the different tasks aren’t isolated.

Each journey’s task seems to integrate to another aspect of the project which involves another layer of strategy to effectively link the different aspects before they are completed. Thus, create more cushion in your goal’s timeline to accommodate the unexpected.

Success doesn’t just happen

A former coworker always said, “Even a blind squirrel gets a nut once in a while.” He was right. SBOs may get lucky from time to time. Remember: But luck isn’t a course of action.

Preparing for success is a course of action. As you start flexing your preparation muscle you will find that your Right Thoughts and Right Actions will guide your ambition and get you closer to your goals.

I often share my quote with my clients, “Slow down to accelerate.”

Why? When we slow down and do more of the preparation work to assure our results are favorable, we tend to work more effectively and efficiently. There’s more clarity and less stress. There’s more joy and less chaos. There more satisfaction and less frustration.

REMEMBER: Ambition will take you a long way. Directed ambition will deliver more favorable results! Have fun strategizing your next steps on your current project.

Which derailment are you experiencing now with a project? How can you realign your ambition to attain your preferred results? Feel free to share in the comment section. 

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