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How can being inspired by a block of ice help business?

How can you become inspired by a block of ice?

Can Business Owners be inspired by an ice block?
How do you heat up your ice block to create?
Are you transforming your ice block? 

Ice Sculpture of Dolphin Inspired Many
Inspired by an Iced Dolphin by Mike Austin

Inspiration comes in many forms and all different shapes and sizes. What it is about a block of ice offering inspiration to one and to another absolutely nothing? Inspiration is about the fire within. To a certain person a block of ice is only a block of ice. However, if you are inspired, it can become an Award-winning Dolphin Sculpture!


Inspired by fire and ice

Two weeks ago my husband I were invited to an ice sculpting contest by my brother and Business Owner, Mike Austin, at one of the local events. Mike is an ice sculpture hobbyist. I say hobbyist because this is what he does for grins. Regardless of the medium, his artistic genius shines through whenever he is creating and beautifying.

Last year I posted a blog with one of his sculptings. (Click to see Mike’s Coca-Cola Polar Bear sculpting.) This year we’re highlighting a Dolphin emerging from the waves. We were fortunate to join Mike and his creation as it was nearing completion. This year’s Dolphin honoring: The People’s Choice Award. He takes great pride in winning The People’s Choice Award because it’s the award which reflects what viewers appreciate.

Are you inspired? What is your ice block? You know, the thing in which you can see more than meets the eye?

Often, what inspires us is hidden within our genius. Usually, it is buried deep within us until we are ready to release it. Once we do, we excel in quantum leaps! That’s the magic of inspiration  It heats up from the inside out! When we release it, it allows us to do things which appear unique, fresh, or even different from the mainstream. One of my genius activities is noticing and sharing business strategies from movies. (Click here to read the last business movie review I posted: American Sniper.)

Inspiration comes from within. It just is. If you need to be externally motivated to create, you aren’t inspired. (Click here to read a prior post of the difference between being inspired and being motivated.)

We all have our creative genius spark waiting to re-ignite us. This spark will allow your passion to serve humanity in a creative fashion… it’s your Divine Birthright. Most of us know we have it. Few of us are unafraid to release it. Yet, when we do, others share their awe and appreciation for doing so. Everything changes for the better when you re-ignite your genius spark. Come on, what are you waiting for?

Please feel free to share in comments: what activates your inspiration?


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p.s. I’m inspired when I see others living out their creative genius. I especially enjoy witness when they figure out how to convert genius into a purpose-driven and profitable business.


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