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Business Owners Balancing Roles and Responsibilities

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. addresses Owners balancing roles and responsibilities illustrated by fireman battling a big blazing fire.
Business Owners balancing roles and responsibilities can put out some mighty big fires!

Business Owners Balancing Roles &
Responsibilities of Business

Business Owners balancing roles and responsibilities isn’t always easy. You know this and I know this.

It doesn’t even matter if your a Business Leader of a large team or a solo entrepreneur, balancing everything can be exhausting. Worse yet, you mastering this is essential to YOUR Business’s Performance!

This article is as relevant today as it was when it was initially posted in 2014. Enjoy and apply this timeless wisdom that I’ve updated – a bit.

Breakthroughs of Owners Balancing Roles

Yesterday I sat with a client who is a serial entrepreneur. She was telling me how she has been struggling with her latest endeavor. She’s caught between two roles. When she is functioning in either one of them, she is dissatisfied.

She make a choice to work in the more passive of the two roles. More disappointment was the outcome. This has created a great deal of disharmony for her. The results she seeks aren’t appearing.

What’s her real deal? She’s frustrated that she needs to be out on the “frontier” trailblazing. Yet she wants to be available to support her team’s needs and celebrate milestones with them.

Clearly, this is a conversation regarding choices and being satisfied with our choices.

Supporting Choices of Owners Balancing Roles & Responsibilities

Successful business requires Small Business Owners (SBOs) to make good choices. Then the SBO is required to support these wise choices.

My client’s conversation continued yesterday with a Brilliant Breakthroughs Big Question:

If you can create your own role, how can you create it to accommodate balancing roles and responsibilities for your business to succeed AND feel content?

I do realize this a fully loaded question. Your turn: How do you do this for yourself?

Do yourself a favor and ask this of yourself several times a year. It will help you gain clarity in ways you haven’t imagined quite yet. This is important and will make a significant difference for simplifying strategies and aligning actions.

Curious what happened next?

She said, “Wow, I never thought about finding a way to balance the roles, responsibilities, and contentment. I always thought it had to be one or the other. This is a new possibility!”

As SBOs, we have the opportunity to assess responsibilities and discern new ways to deliver what our business needs most.

Owners Balancing Roles & Responsiblities Big Tip:

Start this by reverse engineering YOUR Business’s needs.

  1. What are the deliverables?
  2. What do the deliverables require (responsibilities of make responsibilities bite-size)?
  3. After you’ve redefined this, ask yourself: “Will I be a great producer and be content with my redefined role?”

If yes – great! If no, great- tweak it!

Need help with developing your new role – click here to another post for assistance.

As a SBO, your choice to balance roles and the required responsibilities is actually one of the primary business decisions to support successful business.

However, too often this discernment process is discounted.

Don’t short-change yourself, nor YOUR Business. If you do, others will follow your lead!

Please feel free to comment or share your a-ha moment regarding how you can balance roles and responsibilities to best support YOUR Business.


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