November 9


It’s all Management 101

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Topic: Management 101 illustrated by team playing tug of war.
Small Business Success is anchored in Management 101 – specifically people management.

It’s all Management 101

Management 101 and Business 101 is where most business students start their education. Why? It’s fundamental. These two topics directly impact YOUR Business’s Success and overall performance.

It’s why they are the foundational teachings. Then, we begin to pile other topics and trainings upon them. They get lost in the “sophistication” of learning business. Yet, they are the basics for a reason! Today, we get back to the basics.

Allow me to introduce today’s guest blogger: Clive Extence

Author Clive Extence is our guest blogger today. Clive has extensive Operations Management experience, as well as decades of teaching college under grads and graduate students. We pulled him out of retirement to impart his practical and proven wisdom.

When he shared that he wanted to write about better ways to manage people, I asked him “why?” Clive’s response, “The art of effectively building relationships and managing people is still lacking.”

Remember: People are what makes a business happen. Clive’s wisdom is 100% applicable to your business. This is precisely why I invited him to be one the members of the Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner #1 Bestselling Book Series Author Team.

On November 14, 2018 a team of 8 Brilliant Practicing ExpertsTM , will be releasing their book to coincide with National Entrepreneurs Month. It is written specifically for Small Business Owners, by Small Business Owners, to help you learn how to win BIG at small business in the 21st century!

To give you a glimpse of a couple different chapters, I invited our co-authors to write a short guest blog to learn about why their chapter topic is important to YOUR Business Success.

Clive Extence’s message about Management 101:

Hi! I’m Clive Extence, and I and seven other authors have written a book entitled: “Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner – Vol. 2”. It’s been a labor of love for all of us. We each have our own business experiences; therefore, perspectives, to share with Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.

My passion for this began over 40 years ago when I was working full time and going to school, nights, under the GI Bill. It impressed me to be learning from instructors who were working in their respective fields. Most of these instructors knew what working adults were there for:  To improve ourselves!

It was with this in mind that drove me to teach after I had earned my Associate, Bachelor, and Masters degrees over 15 years in night school. I wanted to give back to the business and academic communities because I felt I could be one of those teachers who brought real-life experience and expertise to the classroom.

One, overriding real-life-experience is based on 30 years managing employees and students. I worked full time during the day in Operations/Plant Management while teaching adults for a number of universities, colleges, and technical schools in the evening. I began to understand all the troubles, issues, problems, and achievements were all about people, hence my chapter’s title: “It’s ALL Management 101!”

Research Supports: Good People Management = Good Business

Research supported the “softer” side of managing – emphasizing the soft skills. In those days, and probably today, many managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs feel this approach is the “easy” way. I unequivocally say “NO!” to that assumption.

It’s easy to say “no” to employee requests. It’s easy to direct orders to employees, and so on. It is difficult to include employees, to ask for their input, to listen, to get back to them with “yes” and “no” answers alike. It is difficult to empower them, to educate them, and to correctly mentor them.

That’s how I found my avocation as opposed to my vocation! Here’s what’s really cool – we eight authors wrote our respective chapters without input from each other. And, each author discussed the importance of issues like this in their own chapter. We were all impressed with this natural overlap. How’s that for affirmation?!?


If you want to learn more about Clive Extence and our Author Team, and how to get the Book, go to: you’ll get 100 Tips for Small Business Owners Success Report. We have all sorts of great information there for you and you’ll get to learn more about who Clive is and how to engage with him! Thanks Clive for helping us remember the important basics! 


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p.s.: Since your business’s success requires you to interact with people, this is an important topic to understand. It will help you improve your performance and provide ways for you to build appropriate business relationships. Don’t minimize the power of this to support YOUR Business’s Success!

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