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Ready to implement business’s best practices in 2020?

Inspiring Small Business Owners's Excellence
Best Practices support your Quest for Excellence – secure this in 2020 to boost your business’s success rate!

Ready to implement business’s
best practices in 2020?

Is 2020 your year to implement best practices for your small business? If you’re a Small Business Owner and don’t know what best practices are, this is for you. If you are familiar, read on to reactivate what serves your business’s performance best!

What are Best Practices?

According to the Business DictionaryA method or technique that has consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means, and that is used as a benchmark.

Sometimes Business Owners think best practices are their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). They are not. Their may be some overlap between the two; however, the above definition clearly states the method or technique must be superior or a benchmark

Different industries or specialties have best practices. The food industry has a best practice to prohibit livestock in their kitchen for sanitary reasons. In the United States, you wouldn’t expect to see livestock running in and out of the kitchen while dining. 

When Business Owners go into an agreement with others, it is a best practice to have a signed agreement. Agreed? Within the agreement, it is best to name the accountable parties, define the expectations of the agreement, date and sign a copy of the agreement, and provide a copy to both parties. Why is this superior? Most business agreements aren’t contracted appropriately, if at all.

Why do Best Practices Matter?

Best practices are important because they provide a process for you to follow. Through this, you are conducting business in a favorable and professional manner. Did I mention it makes your life easier too?

When you create methods and techniques to consistently follow (SOPs), you standardize your business processes. This creates consistency and consistency creates repetition, which ultimately creates effectiveness and efficiency, or simplicity

Here’s how it gets cool – consistent processes, create simplicity, which ultimately creates peace for you. This peace of mind, allows you to have enough bandwidth for the other things showing up in business and life.

I know this sounds like SOPs, but their different. Remember, superior or benchmark is the differentiator.

CAUTION: If you’re unfamiliar as to what is best, you may believe each SOP you create qualifies. 

Good news! Implementing SOPs will assure you have your business basics in place to accelerate your business growth and improve your business’s success rate.

How to Begin Implementing Best Practices

Here’s where it gets interesting. In order to create a superior or benchmark of a method or technique, you must first create a SOP.

This is where you “Slow down to accelerate” (one of my favorite teaching I’m always quoted on). To do this well, it is necessary to slow down to take notes of each step in your process. Why? It is imperative for you to document each step in the process so you can determine what what is involved for each process. This is how you standardize your process. 

Once you’ve completed this, you have your SOP. This is your first step to creating a superior process. Only time will reveal if it is or isn’t. Please notice: documenting your process isn’t verifying if it is favorable or not – it creates an awareness for you to discern if it is favorable or not.

How can you have a SOP that isn’t a Best Practice?

All SOPs are not created equally. When you create an SOP, instinctively you will believe it is a best practice. This is common. It may be or it may not be… this is a little tricky. 

The only way to assure it is a best practice is to have an expert within your expertise or specialty, who can verify it is an official best practice instead of an opinion. This is one of the reasons why working with experts is priceless.

Even if you have it verified, please know it may need to change. Funny thing about best practices – they usually evolve or morph. Thus, over time there will be new aspects added to your best practices. It is your job to stay current with them or your practices will become SOPs again.

Best practices support our activities to achieve excellence. As a Small Business Owner, your journey of excellence is in constant pursuit! 

NOTE: 2020 is a great time to refine YOUR Business’s SOPs and Best Practices. Through improving your productivity, you will increase your profitability and peacefulness.

TIP: If you want your business to grow gracefully, don’t go into 2021 without this being checked off your Business Performance Booster List! 


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