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Differentiation is what makes your customers happy

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Your Business’s Differentiation may matter much more than you realize.

Differentiation is what makes
your customers happy

Differentiation is a fancy word for unique. If your business offers something unique, it will attraction attention. Hopefully it will attract the attention of Your Ideal Customers and fortify Your Business’s Success!

When you design YOUR Business’s Success, most likely you will design it differently than your competitors. You wouldn’t create the same product or service with the exact same customer experience for the exact same price. Would you?  

No you wouldn’t. When you differentiate, you create a new demand. Slowly repeat this last sentence so it sinks in.

Differentiation is Everywhere

Differentiation comes in many different shapes and sizes. As much as people want what other people have, they want it to be different! Isn’t this mind-blowing?

Many want to watch football, but all have a preferred team.

Do you like ice cream? I bet you have a preferred flavor.

What about pets – do you have a favorite type?

My favorite product to explore differentiation is automobiles. Why? When Henry Ford starting mass producing vehicles, he only offered one option to customers. 

At this point some people say to me, “… but that discredits your point about customers desiring differences.” I then respond, “Really? They were riding horses and bicycles prior!”

Even though all the early Fords were black, Ford did start designing and producing other variations of vehicles.

Difference is everything in Marketing!

The key is to create something unique and deliver it to customers in a unique fashion. This has been consistent in the marketplace. Yet, the topic of differentiation has changed in the past 15 years.  

Last Century: We were trained to compare the Product Differences.
It was all about the Features and Benefits (FaB). At the end of  the 1900s there was plenty of disposable income for consumers to make purchases. The business who could educate consumers as to why they had a superior offering won the business.

Now we expect to be educated and commonly conduct our own online research before making a purchase.

This Century: We now focus differentiation conversations on the Customer Experience and User Experience.
The is a very different focus for businesses. Most people don’t even know this has become a new specialty – it even has its own verbiage! You dear Small Business Owner are light years ahead of your competition because you’re eading this article!

What’s trending even beyond the Customer and User Experience? Value and Outcome.  
If you want to get ahead of your competitors, focus on creating something to address one of YOUR Ideal Customers Values and create a product to improve the outcome they seek to enhance their initial value. This is how you create loyal customers.

NOTE: I just shared with you how to create a booming business today – not one for the last and past century. 

Differentiating Your Business Matters!

Marketing is about attracting attention. In this century, differentiation requires a new way of conducting business. Small Businesses who figure this out will win big at this new game. If your sales are dwindling this could be a reason why.

TIP: This strategy isn’t one that can be created overnight or over a weekend. It involves you being mindful of who YOUR Ideal Customers is, what they really want, how they want it, and what they gain once they have it. 

Time to upgrade Your Business’s Strategies to reflect it’s the 21st Century. Don’t let your marketplace bust you for being antiquated!

BIG QUESTION: What are you going to do to modernize YOUR Business’s position in YOUR Marketplace? Feel free to share your comments below. 

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