Cosmic starburst with words: What's Your Business's 901?
Do you know what YOUR Business’s 901 is? Identifying this could make a big difference in your productivity levels.

What’s YOUR Business’s 901?

Can you guess what my business’s 901 is? Better yet, what’s YOUR Business’s 901? 

Do you have a clue what the 901 represents? I just realized something has happened and do you want to guess how many times? That’s right, 9-0-1 times. 

Clue: It’s me being consistent at something for nine hundred and one times.

What have you done consistently for 901 times to support YOUR Business’s performance? I’m sure you have a thing or two that you do faithfully. Come on, think about it.

Do you consistently review your sales pipeline, or read inspiring articles or books to keep you motivated to proceed forward?

Have you consistently followed up with leads and developed strong business relationships or business allies?

Maybe you’ve stuck to your plan to post some valuable pieces to help your customers succeed on social media routinely?

What about eating better, taking breaks, or even working out? Any consistent routine here?

OK, now that I’ve given you some ideas of what you could be doing for 901 times, can you figure out mine?

The 901 revealed:

This is my 901st blogpost. I knew I was getting close and then I lost track of this milestone. It’s only fitting that my 900th blogpost was sharing a business lesson via my brother’s snow sculpting team becoming the 2018 US National Champions!

For me it isn’t about the quantity of blogposts, but rather serving aspiring entrepreneurs who what to become stellar business owners of their business.

Here’s a Way-Back-Time-Machine Moment: Several years ago, when I was approaching my 500th blogpost, I had several mentors talk to me about honoring such milestones and celebrating each one with others. After hearing this more than once I thought I’d give it a shot.

At first it was painfully difficult to practicing celebrating milestones. This isn’t what I learned growing up or as an adult. My mentors really had to work me over on this. I was very reluctant. 

Then, I started to see how sharing something awesome, like this, wasn’t harmful. As they assured me, it was honoring. Have you seen some of my blogposts about celebrating or milestones? There’s a reason I wrote them – it turns out I’m not the only one who needs to celebrate more. It appears this is a common phenomena among Small Business Owners! Is this you too?

Why does knowing YOUR Business’s 901 matter?

Remember those moments when it’s hard to get your mojo going or you just got a “no” from potential business?

That’s when you default to your 901. Do your 901.

It will help you become more productive and remember how simple this Small Business thing can be. 

Today I celebrate my 901st blogpost with you. Thanks for being here with me on this journey of sharing awesomeness to help other Small Business Owners!

Please feel free to share a question or insights in the comments section. What’s your productive default? Mine’s writing blogposts.


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p.s.: This default activity will keep you productive even when you don’t feel like putting forth effort. Just do it!

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