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Passion inspires us, but does it validate a business?

Small Business Coaching. by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Passion inspires illustrated by 2018 US National Championship Snow Sculpting.
Passion Inspires us to do many things – sometimes create a thriving business. Image Courtesy: Mike Austin.

Passion inspires us, but does
it validate a business?

Passion inspires. Yet no matter how awesome it is, it may not validate becoming a business. What?

Doesn’t passion fuel a business? Sure it does, but not all things you are passionate about should become YOUR Business

Let me introduce my brother, Mike Austin. Mike is a talented artist and gifted carpenter. He isn’t so shabby in any of the skilled trades and is an outdoor man too.

Back to the creative… Mike can create or design an abstract something, select the medium, and actualize it. So far, this sounds just like most Small Business Owners (SBOs) explaining how they create. Doesn’t it?

Ready for where the Passion Inspires Us story differs?

One of Mike’s gifts is as a snow and ice sculpture. He lives in Wisconsin which works well for this a winter activity; yet the creative development and sponsor procurement are an ongoing process.

For years my husband I make it a point to get to one or two of Mike’s events each sculpting season. Why? He’s good – really good. Good enough to win many top prizes. That’s good. If this were a business, we’d say he owns his marketplace. 

Yet when you speak with him, Mike shares that even though winning the top prize is great, it’s winning the “People Choice” award that inspires him the most. Why? People appreciate his product or how he serves them.

Doesn’t this sound a lot like how successful SBOs speak when they talk about creating something that makes their customers happy or successful? Sure it does! 

Yet, his passion wouldn’t make a great small business. It doesn’t matter how good he is! 

Did he and his team (Up to Snow Good) win the 2018 US National Snow Sculpting 1st place Championship? Yes. Did they win 1st place People Choice award? Yes, they did.

Should Mike convert his hobby or passion into a business? No. Even though his passion inspires him? No, it is not appropriate. Even if the gig wasn’t seasonal, it’s still not wise.  

*REMEMBER: When selecting a business idea, it is far better to have a profitable hobby versus a struggling business.

Discern if a hobby is a validate Business Idea

  1. SBOs, allow your hobby to be the passion that brings you joy. Not all hobbies are appropriate to convert into a successful business. It doesn’t matter how much you enjoy it. Sometimes this strain of working your passion will kill the joy your hobby provides. 
  2. Why would you take something, which brings you great joy, and make it into something that consistently challenges you? Wouldn’t it be better to keep this hobby as an outlet to keep you balanced and inspired?
  3. Small Businesses need the right stuff to be profitable (successful). You need to easily attract, engage, convert, and serve customers. Secure funds and gain referrals from them. Can YOUR Business Idea deliver this?
  4. I’ve seen many SBOs, who are talented and good business owners who struggle with their hobby. Once they realize they don’t have to convert it into a business, they enjoy it more and it usually becomes more successful.
  5. If you were able to enjoy your hobby, as a hobby, would you have more bandwidth to develop and successful support YOUR Business?
  6. Take time now to discern if YOUR Business Idea is better left as a hobby or it has the right stuff to be a profitable and peaceful business. Make swift adjustments to get on YOUR Path to Success.

Congratulations Up to Snow Good for earning the 2018 US National Snow Sculpting Championship and the People’s Choice Award. Your dedication to excellence is noticed by all!

Please feel free to share a question or insights in the comments section. What passion inspires you the most? Is it valid as a business idea?


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