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600th Blog Post of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.

600th Blog post of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. depicted by 12 champagne glasses half filled and a a golden light behind them. It's quite elegant!
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. celebrates our 600th blog post with you!

600th Blog Post- Surprise!
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Celebrates YOU

600th Blog Posts- wow, that’s not such a surprise to me! What’s funny is today isn’t our 600th blog post. It was actually this past Friday. So, ha-ha! Surprise – you’re actually reading the 601st blog post 🙂 What?

Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc’s 600 post

This past Friday which was, July 3rd, our 600th blog posting was published. Other than you and your business I couldn’t come up with a better topic to celebrate our 600th blog post, so the topic was the American Flag as America’s Logo and a tickler to review YOUR logo too!

Why didn’t I mention Friday’s post as our 600th blog post?

Timing. It’s really this simple. If most of my audience (you) is focused on vacationing and Celebrating the 4th of July, why on earth would I write about Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. celebrating its 600th blog post? I love to debunk things, but swimming against the tide on this one wasn’t wise.

Heck, even I was excited to go vacation on a quick getaway. I really do get it! Vacationing improves your performance. Click on the link above. There’s plenty of research to validate this (it’s in the other links of that vacationing post).

Here’s a funny about writing blog posts:

Just a Couple of weeks ago, my husband said, “How can you keep coming up with things to write about?” I chuckled because sometimes it is difficult to formulate a topic, while at other times I’m not sure which topic I want to write about. Of course, when he asked I was in one of those difficult moments. Then I told him, “The 600th blog post is just around the corner!” He was astonished, as am I.

What drives me to push beyond our 600th blog post?

YOU! You and your business. At first I did it because webmaster suggested this is what is required to keep an active blog and help boost SEO rankings. Since then some of the rankings algorithms have changed but blogging 3 times a week is considered highly favorable by the search engines. So I quickly worked my way up to 3 posts a week. I look back at the early ones and I laugh and cry – they are really rough. Then, just as promised, I found my path. Over time I’ve tried different things, and sometimes I just switch it up a bit.

Yet, it’s all about you! I think of what would be valuable to you, the Business Owners who are stepping into leading your business. I dub you Business Owners-Leaders. Hopefully, through applying some of the tips and strategies we share with you, you will be able to become a grander Brilliant Business Leader. Thank you for giving me a reason to sit at the keyboard and share golden nuggets of practical and tactical wisdom for you to apply to your own business!

In addition to that business stuff I also do something really fun:
Business Movie Reviews

If you haven’t checked out the Business Movie Reviews category (in the right side bar, please do). As you may have noticed, Brilliant Breakthroughs utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to learning. One of the tools we utilize is movies. I have an extra-ordinary gift of watching any movie and coming up with at least 3 things highlighting how to improve leadership and/or business performance. When creating the post, I don’t spoil any story lines and I share if it is family appropriate or an”R” Rated movie. Go to the Categories Section and see Movies (sample of the wide variety: The Monument’s Men, JOBS, Eat Pray LoveSalmon Fishing on the Yemen, The Iron Lady,  Kung Fu Panda, Australia, and Monster’s Inc.).

I’m Ready for YOUR Questions

Now, instead of me assuming I know what you want to know more about, why not let me know what you’d like my inside scoop on? This is your chance to pick the brain of a Master Business Coach! Feel free to leave a comment about anything you’d like to gain additional insight!


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Maggie Mongan, Master Business Coach
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p. s. Hope you had a good July 4th weekend. Did you discuss Independence Day with you family or friends? Let’s make sure we understand what Independence Day is and why it exists.


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  1. Hmmmm just wondering if my comment came through….

    I was congratulating Maggie and Brilliant Breakthroughs on this blessed event. Thank you so much for inspiring us all to greater business visions! Thank you so much for your dedication to sharing all of your knowledge and wisdom with us.

    Many blessings on your continued success!

    1. Thank you Barbara Marie! We didn’t see the first message at all. I appreciate your kind words and am happy to support others through wisdom-sharing so we can all create more peace-filled and profitable businesses! Blessings of ongoing success to you as well.

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