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The Iron Lady Movie demonstrates invaluable concepts and examples for better leadership.

The Iron Lady Business Movie Review

Let’s Stop, Look, and Listen to the Business Lessons
we learn from the Movies…

We receive lessons in the most unique places. Believe it or not, the movies provide wonderful business lessons for us! I enjoy noticing lessons that share what to do or what not to do, as I find both are of equal value!

What can the movie, “The Iron Lady” (2011) teach us about business?

The movie “The Iron Lady”, 2011, was quite unique in its approach to reviewing former British Prime Minister Thatcher’s life and career. Not only was the script thought-provoking, it also provided a great history review.

KNOW YOUR MARKETPLACE: Constantly do your research

One of Thatcher’s enemies accused her of being so far out of touch with her citizens’ needs that she didn’t even know the price of milk. The irony of this was as a child Thatcher’s parents owned a grocery store. Thus, she quickly stated the amount, much to the astonishment of the accuser.

Are you in touch with YOUR Marketplace? When was the last time you did your research or outsourced this activity? When was the last time you surveyed your customers to learn what is most important to them? Understanding YOUR Marketplace is key to serving it effectively and owning your own Marketplace. Every industry or marketplace leader has their research to validate their actions. Make this one of your priorities this quarter. You will be surprised at the gold mine that is waiting for you!

TENACITY PAYS OFF: Don’t give up when you know what’s best

Thatcher knew she was called to do something different and challenging. Her tenacity to stay in the thick of it gave her the nickname “The Iron Lady” because she was one tough leader and relentlessly stood for what she believed. She didn’t waiver and always held on tightly to what she knew was best! She was advised, “Never run with the crowd, Margaret. Go your own way.” This advice was what she really took to heart 🙂

Do you have tenacity for your business and its service ideals? How often do you go against that grain to make a difference? YOUR Marketplace will reward you for you serving them in a different manner than your competitors. When you do the research and listen to YOUR Marketplace and provide what they want, you will win big!

THE POWER OF A BUSINESS OWNER’S THOUGHTS: You determine your business’s destiny

Thatcher shares the following with a medical professional:

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become your character.
And watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.
What we think, we become. My father always said that.”

Gee, I don’t think I need to add anything else to this sage wisdom except believe that your mindset does determine what you become!


“Great Britain and Europe are formed mainly by our history. They (USA) on the other hand, are formed by their philosophy. Not by what has been, but want can be.” ~Margaret Thatcher

“What is the lifebood of a community? It’s business. Not just business, but small business… all helping each other out…” ~Alfred

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  1. Love the quotes and great insights! Indeed our thoughts do drive our habits which creates our actions. Think better thoughts and create better habits — not always easy, but certainly worthwhile!

    Blake Cahoon
    Illuminated Engagements

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