July 3


American Flag is America’s Logo & Symbol of Independence

The sun shining through the back side of an American Flag.
America’s Logo: Our Beloved American Flag

American Flag is Branding at its Finest!
It’s America’s Logo for Independence

The beloved American Flag. This week across America we see it everywhere. Posted high on flag poles, planted in front yards and in planters, in newspapers, door mats, social media, and even clothing, the American Flag is America’s Logo. Did you ever consider this before?

The American Flag as a Country Logo

Just consider this… back in the 1700s America’s Flag was multi- purpose:

  1. served as an insignia for a new country
  2. reminder to 13 Colonies to work together
  3. served as a message of independence to the British
  4. a physical reminder of the equality, opportunity, and pursuit of happiness

Wow! That’s a lot for one logo… especially before all the sophisticated branding, sales, and marketing techniques and strategies were created in the business realm. There are other aspects this logo offers; however, I consider these the main purposes.

Business and organization logos have gone through some revisions, just as the American Flag has over the years. Click on the link if you are interested in the evolution of some predominant business logos. Which Apple logo was the you were introduced to first?

What does YOUR Logo reveal?

Admittedly, you don’t have to have an endless list of purposes as the American Flag does. Yet, take a look at your logo, what does it reveal? Do you need a logo make-over, tweak, or does it deliver? Is it a symbol of your service?

Recently I heard David Kocol, Owner of Smart Video Nation, present at Wisconsin Business Owners. He spoke about how America planted our beloved American Flag on the moon. When I heard this I thought how bold of a move that was. First, it branded the moon as America’s property. Second, it sent a message about independence and domination. Third, it could even be considered cheeky – “… if you can take our flag off the moon, we should probably make time to talk with you” mentality.

Remember, take a look at your logo and determine if it’s serving you well!

This July 4th, America’s Independence Day, fly your American Flag high and celebrate a country’s birthday with joy and remembrance of such freedom fighters.

Feel free to leave a comment about your logo and our American Flag as America’s logo…


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