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Your 3rd Quarter hustle significantly improves profit margins

3rd Quarter Hustle illustrated by a race of horses with their jockeys going for the win.
3rd Quarter Hustle is underrated by many Small Business Owners- don’t let that be you!

YOUR 3rd Quarter Hustle
significantly improves
YOUR Profit Margins

Why do so many programs launch in fall?
Did you capitalize on your 3rd Quarter Hustle?

The 3rd Quarter Hustle is a real thing. I’ve never heard anyone call it this, but that’s exactly what it is! What on earth am I talking about?

We all know the purpose of a business is to make a profit. Remember this may be different than why a Small Business Owners (SBO) decided to start a business. We must remember that a business must be profitable for it to stay in business and serve.

Lately, I’ve been in a couple of group conversations regarding the scheduling of events. Some of the events are workshops while others are about launching a new product, service, or business. The debate isn’t about the “what”, it’s always about the “when” of the offering.

This time of the year always fascinates me. There is a natural rhythm of harvesting the seeds sown throughout the year and the “new beginnings” of the back to school activities. Businesses add a third point of focus regarding the hustle to assure sales are secured before the 4th Quarter when everyone begins to focus on Holiday Spending. The impact of all this? The 3rd Quarter Hustle.

Did You Capitalize on the 3rd Quarter Hustle this year?

The answer is simple. You either did the 3rd Quarter Hustle or not. Depending on the type of business you own, some of you may be saying “My business’s cycle is a rocking 4th Quarter or 1st Quarter.” That’s valid, but it doesn’t let you off the hook at all! Keep reading how you can make this work for you.

If you aren’t generating significant amounts of additional revenue during the 3rd Quarter, then you should be hustling to secure that in the 4th or 1st Quarters. I remember I received a mailing from a company in mid-July. It said, if you aren’t already working on your Holiday advertising campaigns, you’re already behind. Yes, this was specifically addressing Small Business – not just the big retailers. I woke up!

Here’s the good news: There’s hope for everyone! Can you put together something to sell in the first part of the 4th Quarter to boost this year’s profit margin? Maybe you can create holiday gift-giving specials. If so, don’t delay! Anything is better than nothing. If you’re waiting for the first quarter build your customer list and social media following so you can promote to a larger audience.

TIP: Go to your calendar. Open it to May 1st. Write: What do I want to offer in the 3rd Quarter? To have a strong 3rd Quarter, you must actively develop this each week – make appointments with yourself or team to accomplish this.

Not sure May 1st is enough time? Then start earlier. Do this each year and you’ll secure being a successful SBO!

What obstacles can I help you overcome for a rocking 3rd Quarter Hustle? Also, in the comment section let me know what topics you’d like for me to write about!


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