November 4


Wisconsin Business Owners Supporting Business

Wisconsin Business Owners in a group photo of the October 31st Lunch and Learn.
Wisconsin Business Owners Gather for Professional Networking & Awesome Lunch and Learn.

Wisconsin Business Owners are Supporting
Their Businesses for Success

Wisconsin Business Owners gather on the last Friday of each month, with the exception of the Holiday Season. Each month Wisconsin Business Owners Meetup Group has a presenter for a Lunch and Learn to further develop the Business’s Owners potential as well as their business development. Additionally, there is an exceptional open networking time to help eachother gain greater visibility through trusted and appropriately referrals. Whether you’re a solo-preneur or a Small Business Owner, it’s a good place to attend once a month!

Last Friday, I had the honor of presenting to Wisconsin Business Owners. This time, I chose to address the fundamentals to “Immediately Boost YOUR Blogging Expertise”. When YOU understand the purpose and vision of YOUR Business Blog, it’s easy to simplify your mission.

Business Blogging in actually a combination of marketing, wisdom-sharing, and credibility development to serve and attract customers. There are protocols as to what a Business Blog must have to be effective versus your personal blog. One of the greatest requirements of Business Blogging is consistency.

Blogging Consistency Serve YOU and YOUR Customers

I recently wrote about consistency. Click here to read this post: Step-UP: Consistently Serve YOUR Marketplace. Of course that was Friday and my first post since then has been delayed due to some technical difficulties on my end! Funny, isn’t it? Because “blips”  happen once in a while, I usually work ahead in writing my blogs so they are consistently posted on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Every great once in a while, I’m off by a day. I bet you didn’t even know that I spent a whole week in Hawaii last month. Did you?

The wonderful thing about blogs is you can write them anytime you like. Then you can schedule them when you’d like for them to be posted or serving out on the web. When I went to Hawaii, I wrote my posts a week earlier. I assigned them when I wanted them to serve you. They were posted on their assigned days without a hiccup! Business blogging can become convenient – once you start flexing your blogging muscle a little.

If you take a look at the above image, you’ll see there are Wisconsin Business Owners who show up regularly and some new members. Just like it’s beneficial for business to attend a trade show year after year, it’s beneficial to blog routinely. Think of Business blogging as a virtual trade show. People come to see you when you’re suppose to appear. Then maybe you should post a blog when they will appreciate it. Create a routine for Business Blogging and stick to it!

Remember: Business Blogging is just like networking –
you must show up to build relationships.

Wisconsin Business Owners Action Item:
Wisconsin Business Owners attendees of Oct 31st Lunch and Learn.
I hope you remember what do now that you’ve seen this blog post and image…. hint, hint.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions on anything you’d like. We are here to help you Step-Up to accomplish YOUR Business Goals…


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p.s. Now, this week I need to make up for a delayed blog. I’ll create the other blogs to be shorter- but promise they’ll be power-packed posts.


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