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Mastering Top of Mind Awareness Matters for Small Businesses

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Small Business Owners need to understand how Top of Mind Awareness Matters for success.

Mastering Top of Mind Awareness Matters
for Small Businesses

Top of Mind Awareness matters if you run a Small Business. You’re always on the quest for new business. Right? Have you ever thought about how you can optimize YOUR Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA) to soften all the exhausting hustling you’ve been doing? 

If you’re like most Small Business Owners (SBOs), the answer is “no”. Why? This conversation is more commonly discussed at corporate levels. Yet, I’m here to share with you that this concept and mastering the process is more commonplace than you may realize. Additionally, I encourage you to utilize it for your own business evolution!

Before we dive into TOMA, I want to share with you this WARNING: All that hustling may be confusing YOUR Marketplace and negatively be impacting YOUR Business’s Performance.  

Ready to learn more about the TOMA game?

This may surprise you at first: Do you have either a personal or business social media account like Facebook or LinkedIn? In a moment you’re about to realize you’re already playing Top of Minds Awareness Matters!

Do you see how some people or businesses are always posting content? Sometimes it’s fresh and other times it’s recycled? They are playing TOMA with you. You come to expect what they’re going to post, you look forward to it.

If you routinely follow them, you may even begin to notice that some of them are recycling their content. FYI: Nothing is wrong with recycled content, we see the same TV commercials over and over again. Just don’t be so obvious with your recycled content – keep enough variety to mix it up for your followers. A great example of this is the various “Mayhem” commercials to keep us engaged, not bored, with Allstate Insurance. All businesses who advertise are playing TOMA with viewers. The good news is you can do this without having to invest millions into a commercial ad.

Top of Mind Awareness Matters for YOUR Business

There’s plenty of people creating a great deal of noise in the marketplace. So how do you stand out?

Show up consistently with high value for YOUR Ideal Customer. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. If you do, you aren’t as interesting to YOUR Ideal Customer. Wouldn’t you rather be communicating with 20 of YOUR Ideal Customers or 100 people who are curious what you have to say? Hopefully you said 20 versus 100!

Becoming TOMA with YOUR Ideal Customer is very powerful. It will convert them to customers more swiftly than you casting your nets wide and seeing what you may possibly catch.

When you focus on becoming TOMA for YOUR Ideal Customer, they start reaching out to you because you’ve consistently been in their world and consistently discussing their specific needs on a regular basis. You become the one they recall and remember – TOMA!

When you make the time to deliberately become TOMA, you begin to make YOUR Marketplace notice you. You make it undeniable who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

If you make this a consistent practice, you become known for this. Everyone starts creating buzz about you and YOUR Marketplace starts chasing you instead of you chasing it. Are you starting to see how Top of Mind Awareness Matters for YOUR Business’s Performance is very important?  

TOMA Action Item:

Create 1.5 hours on your calendar over the next two weeks to review how YOUR Business is harnessing the power of TOMA or not. Do you need to intentionally become TOMA focused? Do you need to tweak your TOMA approach and dial-in on YOUR Ideal Customer’s needs even more precisely?

Remember: TOMA is a strategy and long-term game. You may get some immediate results; however, if you’re patient, your gain phenomenal results. Doesn’t TOMA have a whole strategy onto itself? Sure it does! Hang tight and you’ll see more about this next week.

Please feel free to share a question or insights in the comments section. Hey, I’m curious: did you know about TOMA and are you utilizing it?  (I haven’t been like I should, and I know better! 2018 will be TOMA focused around here 🙂


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p.s.: Now is the time to create YOUR TOMA plan. Getting clear and creative will help you immediately step into a stronger year!

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