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The Hundred-Foot Journey Business Movie Review

The Hundred-Foot Journey Movie poster . Illustrated with Main characters and the movie name. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.org.
Are you already on The Hundred-Foot Journey of  YOUR Career? Image Source: IMDb.com

The Hundred-Foot Journey teaches
business strategies of
Life-long Learning, Competition,
& Differentiation

The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014) is a powerful Business Strategies movie! A family from Mumbai is displaced due to civil strife in their homeland and makes France their new home through a chain of unfortunate events. To complicate the hardship of leaving their homeland this family must enduring living without their matriarch – Mama. Mama taught Hussan (the main character) both the science and art of how to cook.

The family opens an Indian restaurant across the street from one of the highest regarded restaurants in all of France. The dance of difference and competition begins. At times it is shameful and at other times quite humorous. Hassan’s career faces challenges and a significant change in course. (No spoilers here.) This movie will blend the humanity of living a positive life with a professional success story. I’m not going to give away any of the great lines here!

The Hundred-Foot Journey Business Strategy
#1 Life-long Learning 

Hassan learns to cook from his mother when he is a child. Even through the family’s multiple relocations he continues to practice his craft. His quest for learning supports improving his skills and capabilities to create and serve exquisite food. His interest in learning and pursuit of practicing of his craft accelerates his success. Hassan reaches new levels of accolades as he moves through his unusual journey of transforming from an expert to a master.

Do you make time weekly to educate yourself in your expertise? Staying cutting edge keeps you relevant. It does improve your capabilities and if you share what you learn with your customers, they will return and refer you often!

 The Hundred-Foot Journey Business Strategy
#2 Competition

The restaurants are in “competition” with one another. True competition occurs when you battle with others to serve the same product or service to a customer. There area very few true competitions in business – especially small business. The similarities of offerings is becoming more uncommon. The same is true for the French Michelin starred and Mumbai restaurants in this movie. Once you remove the commonality of serving food to people, these two businesses are not in competition with each other at all.

Very few small business have direct competition. Do you have direct competition or is it perceived as competition? TIP: If you focus on fighting the competition, you aren’t focusing on amplifying your differentiation.

The Hundred-Foot Journey Business Strategy
#3  Differentiation

“Vive la différence” is a French phrase meaning “long live the difference”. It is an appropriate phrase for this fitting battle. Differentiation is what makes a business or offering unique. An observer will notice these two restaurants have two very different Ideal Customers. Hassan is enough of an expert to realize this. He is willing to go against all tradition of each heritage to release centuries of old narrow-minded stinking thinking. How they come to learn this – through a journey – takes time and open-mindedness.

Very few small businesses have direct competition because the Business Owner infuses their product, service, or customer experience with what they believe is best. Are you sharing the uniqueness of your offering or business? Don’t allow anyone to hold you back from delivering your vision.

Which The Hundred-Foot Journey business strategy would serve YOUR Business best right now?  Or if you’ve seen the movie please share a different strategy you noticed. Please leave your answer in the comment section and let’s learn from each other! 


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