December 28


Taking time off improves performance – believe it!

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Don’t let time get away from you. Start taking time off this week to start next year fresh.

Taking time off improves performance!

Taking time off during the holidays isn’t always easy, is it?
Did you take enough time off this past week?
Are you looking to take a longer time-out?

Want to improve YOUR Performance? Start taking more time off now. Any productivity research I read always reveals taking time off improves workers’ productivity. Without a doubt the research has also revealed when you multi-task you don’t improve your productivity. Consistently, research states it’s better to focus on one thing at a time. Additionally, newer research confirms former statements of how minimizing work time and vacationing actually improves productivity. Long-time readers know this since we blog about it several times a year without fail.

What does this mean for Business Owners during the Holidays?

Unless you are running a retail type of business, take this time to gift yourself some slack. Earlier this month I shared with you how I really enjoy working the month of December. It helps me end the year strong and step into the new year with a firm footing. It has been a very different December for me. I have been putting in some very long work weeks this year.

This past week I had a surprise and took full advantage of it. My husband had off December 24th. This has never happened before. I was thrilled. Why? I committed to a “hard stop” at noon on Christmas Eve. I didn’t have a problem honoring this. I didn’t even look at email or social media. It was my time. This was unique because it meant my husband and I would have 3 whole days together. Again, not our normal holiday/long weekend schedule at all.

Taking this much time off – just doing what we wanted was an unusual activity. As our mini-vacation was wrapping up we both wished for one more day to “be”. Yet, we were both starting to mentally jump back into our respective games knowing it was our truth.

Have you been taking time off this Holiday Season?

More importantly, are you taking enough time off? If you’re going to do it; do it well. Actually this is one of the reasons why I’m so big into sharing our Business Movie Reviews with you. It’s a way to give yourself a different twist to learning.

I know a couple of my readers who really appreciate learning via the movies. They look through the list of movies (in the category section of the blog), read our review, watch the movie. Then they come back to the blog to make comments. This is a great way to shift your business mindset while relaxing.

I even had someone personally ask me when I’m publishing my review for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. Don’t worry; it will be published on January 6, 2016. Why must you wait a little longer? Well, I know I’ll be taking time off again this week to ensure more peace and joy!

How will you be taking time off as we shift into the new year?
Will it be a book, a gathering or two, a movie, a walk, or outdoor winter-time activities?
Perhaps planning YOUR Business Development Milestones?

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p.s. Whatever you do over the next week, please make sure you are taking time off to rejuvenate your entrepreneurial spirit!

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