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Performance Tips during the Holidays for Business Leaders

Performance Tips during the Holidays…
this might surprise you!

Do you hear what I hear?
Do you see what I see?
Yikes! Business Leaders getting crushed!

Christmas stocking for Business Leaders  with Performance tips inside it
Performance Tips for the Holidays

Performance tips during the Holidays is crucial for any Business Leaders, who are trying to do it all last minute! OK, I just gave you a primary clue: last minute. Throughout the year I address issues of being proactive, goals setting, planning, and taking right actions to secure high performance successfully. Right? This is why: the next two weeks on the calendar demand much from us. Performance leading into these two weeks is critical for every Business Leader.

Performance Tips during the Holidays

Are you enjoying this Holiday Season with your loved ones?

I am hearing and seeing many things this season from clients and others who are getting squeezed. This is pretty common for Business Leaders during this time of year. Thus, my ongoing strategies to drive performance high throughout the year so you can completely enjoy the Holidays!

So are you still trying to close deals? Trying to start new deals? Trying to keep your workspace clean? Trying to find time to do Christmas programs, shopping, baking, wrapping gifts, and watch all the warm fuzzy Christmas movies? The good AND bad news is you’re not alone!

Performance Tips for Surviving Christmas

What if you gift everyone a little more time off prior to Christmas? Do you think they’d be happy to come to work between the holidays and be very effective and efficient out of sheer appreciation? Sure they would! Why? No one can regain time. It surely is at a premium during this month.

Then there’s all those added stressers of unusual things which show up last minute. This week I had a client sitting in from of me crying. She only wanted to feel Christmas joy, which comes to her when she bakes Christmas cookies. So what do you think her action item from me was for this week? Yes, baking was the most important thing for her to do to get her performance back on track. Her business wouldn’t produce anything if she was that miserable!

Holiday Performance Tips for YOU

What can you do to raise your cheer and performance levels? Is it cooking, baking, getting Christmas cards out to people who matter, visiting with someone, or taking in a special performance? Whatever it is, make the time to do it! It will elevate your attitude, self-value, and Christmas Spirit that you will be able to be more productive!

BRILLIANT BREAKTHROUGHS BIG TIP:Utilize the traditional 12 Day of Christmas, which begins on Christmas and ends January 6th. Play Christmas music and visit with loved ones during this sacred time.

I recall when we were children how the families would get together during the 12 Days of Christmas to spend time with each other. As a child, this tradition was purely magical! I remember it well, during the dark winter days there was a candle lit on the table. Next to it a platter of cheese and venison sausage and another platter of cookies just waiting to be gobbled up. Such joy!

Remember: Simplicity Rules!!!

Please feel free to comment or share what you performance tips for the Holiday season are in the comment section.


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p.s. Remember to enjoy the peace, which comes from quiet moments.


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  1. At my corp job we got an extra day off (of course as I contractor I don’t get paid for it)….ah well, more good and bad. I’m planning to enjoy my holiday season regardless!

    Happy Holidays!

    1. Funny, for years I’ve know of permanent employees that if they take the extra day off, they don’t get paid either… Seems like America is in need of revamping the concept of effectiveness and efficiency of work and time off, and the value each offers to improve performance!

      Thanks for all your comments throughout the year! Blessings of Holiday Cheer to you too!

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