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May Day Rescue for drowning entrepreneurs failing business

May Day Rescue illustrated by a military aircraft damaged and inflamed while in the cross hairs of an enemy's radar.
Will you wait until YOUR Business incurs one too many hits before you request a May Day Rescue?

May Day Rescue for drowning entrepreneurs
and failing businesses

May Day Rescue –  plus one day for you. May Day is May 1st. There is steep business history on May 1st. This year it also launches Small Business Week. Happy Small Business Week everyone!  Here’s to YOUR Small Business’s Success!

May Day Rescue History

Some of us know May Day as the springtime celebration of fertility. Others may know the May Day Rescue call when a vessel is in distress. Last, some may know The Industrial Workers of the World protests and proclamation of May Day Rescue occurring to save the Union Workers from long working days of unsafe working conditions. When I read this interesting history lesson, it helped me understand why Chicago is a highly unionized city.

May Day Rescue for Entrepreneurs and their Businesses

For almost the first 10 years as a Business Coach, I went by “The Business Rescue Coach”. It was a very exhausting job. It seemed like the rescue opportunity was terribly minimized because the entrepreneur waited far too long to reach out for assistance. I enjoy rescuing, forming, and building businesses. Unfortunately too many Business Owners aren’t helping themselves and are still drowning!

What’s my recommendation for unprofitable and/or unsuccessful businesses?

Get a hold of a good CPA and have them review your books. If they say:

(a) “it’s you that is the problem.” Swiftly hire an official Business Coach. WARNING: Not all Business Coaches are made equally! Select a Business Coach/Strategist/Advisor with tenure in the areas you are currently needing help. Do not select a Life Coach who serves business owners or executives. They have a different expertise.

(b) “it’s your business that is the problem.” Swiftly hire an official Business Coach with an expertise in the area you need the most help.

As a Business Owner, every aspect of YOUR Business is a direct reflection of you. Even how you approach days off and your true vacation. If you don’t walk away from your business for a week without everything collapsing, the problem may be you. This is a good indicator you need a professional in your back pocket to assist you.

TIP: If you hire appropriate talent, they will help you build an optimally functioning business. Additionally, one that’s successful and profitable.

If you need to send out a May Day Rescue I encourage you to do it now – don’t wait!!! Want to wait because you think it will get better? Has it in the past two quarters? If not, reaching out is the biggest favor you can give yourself to begin getting your relief.

If you don’t know who to call, why not take me up on my free No-cost Consultation below? If I’m not the one to assist you effectively, I’ll make a referral to another solution provider!

What’s your greatest difficulty of building a successful AND profitable business this year? Share your answer in the comment section.


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