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Peer Conversations add value to YOUR Business

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Start sticking your neck out and have some great peer conversations!

Peer Conversations add value
to YOUR Business

Peer Conversations are invaluable to your small business’s growth and your professional development. 

Are you having peer conversations? Successful Business Leaders meeting without any hesitation.

Most small business owners shy away from them. Why? They are afraid to speak candidly with sharing wisdom and asking questions. Somehow this is perceived as a sign of weakness. There is nothing further than the truth!

Today I had lunch with a peer. Someone who understood the value of being with another peer. Our conversation was non-stop. At one point the waitress just walked our table. Clearly, she didn’t want to interrupt our robust conversation.

Peer conversations add value

You can learn more about the inside of your industry.

Discover what’s actually is happening in your marketplace. Yes, you don’t know it all!

You can also share best practices, tips, and techniques. Sharing trends and diving deeper into the topics which matter for your industry, marketplace, and business’s success.

You may find business allies or other great folks to refer. You’ll laugh, ask questions, and probably feel revitalized. 

When we wrapped up our conversation, we were both enriched.

Our conversation fortified each of us. Neither one felt weak, nor inferior.

We both knew the power of this type of conversation would elevate our respective bodies of knowledge. We both won!

How to begin conducting peer conversations

No one ever told me to have a peer conversation. I just stumbled across it.

At first I was a little shy. Yes, I was bit once or twice over the years.

Now I do at least two conversations a week. The topics vary and many are coffee and phone or video conversations.

If you haven’t been having peer conversations, I encourage you to have at least 2 each month. Make this one of your professional development Performance Power Moves! There is B-I-G power in this strategy.

Curious? Please use the comment section to share YOUR questions or hesitations for connecting with peers.


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