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Networking Preparation for Small Business Owners

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Networking Preparation begins with you introducing yourself appropriately. Ready to learn how?

Networking Preparation:
Introduce yourself in a good way

Networking preparation is essential for you to show-up powerfully to grow your business. Are you prepared to shine with a solid introduction?

How you introduce yourself can make or break YOUR Business.

We’ve all heard this before. Yet, how many people show up strong with their introduction?

Not many! Do you?

I believe this is such an essential component to YOUR Business that I’m updating an original blogpost from August 22, 2011. When I recently came across it I was amazed at how relevant it still is today. Enjoy and apply this golden nugget!

Have you ever experienced this awkward moment? Someone catches you off guard and says, “What do you do?” … and you have a outwardly obvious brain-freeze.

Yep, it happens to all of us! The real question is: how do you prepare to avoid this from reoccurring?

In 2011, I had this happen to me. I was able to recover enough to keep the person in conversation with me.  Remember: it’s always about the conversation!

NOTE: This isn’t teaching you YOUR XYZ Statement, but it gets you moving in the right direction.

I kept running it through my head for over a week… and then I blogged the following…

Answering “What do you do?”

First, I must admit I have played with this one waaaaaay too much. When I was a recruiter, I could say it in my sleep: “I partner with companies to explore what their true needs are and then help them find the best talent in the country to deliver what they need accomplished.”

Yep, it’s pretty cut and dry and precisely accurate. What I found is people either “got it” in an instant or they didn’t – at all.

Over the years I have noticed clever ways that business professionals have “taught” us how to present ourselves. Yet it still boils down to

  1. What do you do?/How do you do that?
  2. Why do you do that?
  3. What does someone gain by enrolling in your services?

What do you do?

This question doesn’t require ANY fluff at all.

If you were answering this as a teacher, the following is quite adequate: “I teach (___ grade) or (children with ___)”. My husband would answer, “I drive a semi-truck in the Midwest”. A printer, “I print forms and brochures for businesses”.

You really don’t have to say more in your opening line because you would typically ask the other person the same question or they would naturally ask (a) “How do you do that?” or (b) “Why do you do that?”

Remember: make the above answer as simple as possible so it can roll of your tongue in an instant!

The great news is that it naturally rolls into the ” How do you do that?”

Now, let’s think about an over-simplified answer that’s a tickler to intrigue them.

A teacher might respond, “I see significant differences because of how I work with the kids and engage their parents in their child’s education process.”

Doesn’t that just scream for them to be asked another question?

The whole concept is to get them asking more questions for you to share your story about what you do and why you are exceptional with your approach. Thus, leading to exceptional results for your customers.

YOUR Networking Preparation:

1. What do you do?
2. How do you do this?

Write down your answers in the comments section so we know why we should be reaching out to you 🙂  Then go practice this step of your networking preparation with people and begin to tweak it until it’s spot on!

Please feel free to comment or ask a question about networking preparation or something else if you’d like me to support YOUR Small Business Success further.


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