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Is your marketing messaging attracting?

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Is the core of your marketing messaging doing what it should be for business?

Is your marketing messaging

Your marketing messaging is paramount to Your Business’s Performance. Its effectiveness determines if you amass revenue or have your revenue trickling. 

Why the vast difference? Your marketing message is a magnet. It can attract or repel the people you choose to have as customers. 

Creating attractive marketing messages isn’t difficult. It takes time and dedicated concentration to get this right. Once you do this, it streamlines all your messaging. Unfortunately, too many Small Business Owners won’t give this part of their business the time it needs to deliver limitless results.

Your Business’s Core: Your Prime Marketing Message

You can’t effectively create strong and irresistible messages for your marketplace without identifying your core message.

They want to see that you to know them, their needs, wants, and desires. They want you to be able to share what you do and how you can be a solution provider for them. 

Do you know which solutions you provide for your customer?

Your Customers’ Reaction to Your Marketing Messaging

Do your customers engage with you?

Sometimes people don’t want to communicate online. I have a slew of clients who prefer to reach out to me personally.

I have customers who will call me after they read one of my blogposts and share their thoughts. At first I didn’t get it. I ask for comments, created questions at the end of my bloposts, and people called me instead. Now I get they aren’t understanding the power of social proof. At first this frustrated me. Now I believe they do it to build relationship with me.

Good News: It doesn’t matter where or how they reach out to you. What matters most is that they do!

Don’t Confuse Your Core Message

I see plenty of Small Business Owners (SBOs) confusing their marketplace. Most SBOs, especially while they are still in the first couple of years of business, are experts at confusing their marketplace.

What do I mean? Many SBOs don’t share what they do and how they can provide solutions addressing their customer needs. They’ll share about the several different direct sales businesses they are involved with and then mention their business from time to time. This confuses your marketplace. You must have a dominating marketing message.

If I can’t figure out why I should call you, your marketplace won’t be calling you. Why? They don’t know your the one with the solution for them. They won’t super-sleuth enough to see it.

You must make it obvious what you can provide or they will move on to find someone who makes it crystal clear.

Do you review your marketing data?

This is an important one for SBOs to do. Looking at your statistics or analytics is essential for you to see learn how your marketplace is engaging with you.

Once you know what they like, you can create more of it. They key is to create messages which will attract them to engage with you. This happens so when they are ready to purchase, you can convert them into customers and close (gain) more business. Your business must be Top Of Mind Awareness (TOMA) to capture more sales.

More business is what all SBOs want. Doing the appropriate steps to gain business is paramount. Right Actions drive performance needles in the direction you seek.

Click the link if you want to read a user-friendly blogpost of what Website Analytics are and how to use them to improve your business’s success rate. 

Marketing Messaging Power Move:

  1. Carve out 2 hours this week.
  2. Review what your marketing messages.
  3. Discern if they are accurate or need modifications. 
  4. Start by updating your online profiles.
  5. Adjust your website or app to reflect your better messaging.
  6. Eliminate confusing social posts.
  7. Create better social posts and marketing content to attract your ideal customers.

Simply start on this today. It will require some concentrated time from you, but you won’t regret it at all!

Feel free to ask any questions or make any comments you have regarding your business’s success.

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