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Jump-start your 2016 third quarter with strong support

2016 third quarter strategy illustrated with the letters of strategy in blue pool balls with neon colored arrows pointing to all different letters.
Let your 2016 third quarter strategy be exciting by starting off right!

Jump-start YOUR 2016 third quarter
with strong support

Jump-starting this new 2016 third quarter after a long holiday weekend isn’t easy. So I’m here to help you out! The first day back for many Business Owners is filled with a myriad of “crank it up” activities. We all love long weekends, but detest the first day back.

Even though we all go through this together, it feels like we’re all alone. It’s enough to just muddle through the day today and I’m sure you’re quite glad to see it end. The fact that it’s a short week makes things better and worse. Better because relief is already closing in. Worse because much needs to occur in one less day this week.

How can you jump-start YOUR 2016 third quarter?

I was reading an article over the weekend which addressed The Challenges of a Growing Business. I’ll share more about this article in our next post. One of their seven points was “Planning Ahead”. This struck a chord with me since I wrote about this last week.

The key to having a brilliant 2016 third quarter is to go back and review what happened in the first half of this year, understand what has altered from your original plan, and how you want to activate the second half of 2016 to meet or beat your annual goals of revenue and profit. To do this effectively, I’m adding the links of 3 blogposts I wrote over the past two weeks to assist you.

To begin YOUR 2016 third quarter strategy for success review and apply:

  1. Wearing many hats of Business Owners doesn’t need to be exhausting
  2. Favorably closing out the first half of the business year
  3. The Pursuit of Happiness and Successful Business Ownership

This is enough to get you moving in the best possible direction for the balance of this year. We have 25 weeks to make it happen. Let’s get busy becoming more profitable than we imagined!

Once you have followed the steps in the above three posts, call me for a consultation to learn how to amplify your success in a simplified strategy we create. Take me up on this insanely productive offer to highly impact your 2016 third quarter effectiveness.

What’s holding back the success of the second half of YOUR Business Year? Share your answer in the comment section and I’ll reply.


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p.s. Don’t get lazy – closing out the first half of YOUR Business year sets up the second half of your year beautifully!

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