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Improving your past performance helps your business skyrocket!

Improving upon past performance

Improving your performance and your business’s performance is an ongoing process as a Small Business Owner. It is also your duty to constantly review and adjust to optimize YOUR Business’s Performance. This is what makes rock star businesses!

There are certain times of the calendar year when we spend more time on this than others. Usually the most concentrated time is spent as a new year begins, or a quarter is completed. If your business has a cyclical revenue behavior, it would be prior to and post busy season.

Did you take time to reflect what YOUR Business is asking of you for your next timeline?

Improving on a Role of Yours

Did you ever notice how Roles are connected to projects? Parenting is a great example.

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been assessing my own performance to improve my business’s performance. As I reflected upon how I showed up in my different roles I realized I had a gap, which means I have an opportunity for significant growth and improvement in an area.

What’s the area? Me, as a Publisher. Admittedly, I fell into the role by default. It was a whole year before I realized I had taken on this new role. I don’t remember which day it was, but I sure remember laughing out loud when I had this epiphany! 

Have you ever had a similar experience?

I quietly stepped into this role and worked feverishly to learn what was necessary to deliver a book, and its authoring team, to become #1 Bestselling Business Authors. My learning style was OJT (On the Job Training) or what some call baptism by fire.

I fully stepped into that role and realized it was a true specialty. So I found a tenured and successful Publisher to assist me. Why? Even though this was my role, it wasn’t one I wanted to become an expert at; yet, it required excellence.

This past year (Year 2 as a Publisher) was filled with learning more than I want to know about the publishing industry, while being guided by an exceptionally gifted Publisher, Becky Norwood of Spotlight On Your Business.

Bringing Becky and her team aboard to guide the process was the exactly what I needed to be more effective and efficient. Was this a smooth transition? No! Did we become #1 Bestsellers for Small Business again? Yes!

That was the past…. now what? Before I share, I want you to identify the one role in YOUR Business that’s screaming for your attention now.

Improving in Process – Next Steps?

Now I understand what is necessary and required of me to be an effective AND efficient Publisher, I have created a new outline for this task-laden project.

Being proactive to successfully accomplish everything is my aspiration. Further, I couple it with the goal of doing it 25% more efficiently! Yep, same process in 25% less time. Cool goal, isn’t it?

Currently I’m in the middle of reverse engineering my process by creating my overarching timeline guide. Why? This book is an annual book series with 2019 being our third year. Vision: 2020 will be a fully systematized and automated process for the annual book project. It’ll be even more efficient then.

Do you have projects that are insanely wild? You feel like it’s a roller coaster ride? As you see from above, I can relate! That’s why I added one more goal for this project: Peacefulness!

Joyful and Peaceful Improvement:

Yes. This year we’ll be achieving this with less stress, while attaining more peace and joy throughout the journey. I invite you to build this into the role you will be improving upon at this point in your Business Ownership journey. 

If you aren’t enjoying it, perhaps you need to build in ways to enjoy it more. Find ways to make it simpler for you and your team.

Start Here Bonus:
– Define YOUR Vision for this Role and its project.
– Create YOUR Strategies (plan).
– Move YOUR Plan to a Guiding Timeline.
– Decide how you want to have this experience come to life for you.
– Get busy shining brightly!

What’s the one holding you back from greater achievement this year?

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