January 12


Decluttering Tips for Work spaces Supporting Success

Decluttering Tips for YOUR Work space

Are you wishing your new year had a cleaner start?
Did you bring too much of 2014 into 2015?
Seeking the power of clarity?

Decluttering work spaces is depicted by an old school desk which has a top that lifts
Decluttering Creates Clarity

Decluttering, is a necessary activity. Even in today’s high tech world, we still must declutter our work spaces and our inboxes! Is NOT decluttering getting the best of you?

Decluttering Clears Mental Distractions

When you start a new project, it’s great to have a clean slate. What if you haven’t started a new job, but you started a new project or a new year? Does decluttering matter? YES! Physical clutter actually creates mental distraction. Clutter actually becomes our “bright new shiny object”. Even if it isn’t shiny we keep getting distracted by what is visually in front of us. It takes a more mental space than most of us are willing to admit.

Is your work space distracting your from being more efficient?

Too often we allow “stuff” to build upon and/or take residency throughout our workspace area. Have you ever picked up a pile of something and moved it out of your vision so you didn’t have to look at it? Sure, most of us have! Why? It’s distracting us.

Create a consistent habit of decluttering your work space. Book it as a productivity appointment for and with yourself.

Decluttering isn’t necessarily fun. Decluttering itself can even become a distracting activity if you begin reminiscing too much. Give yourself an appropriate amount of time to complete it. Yet, don’t prolong this activity any longer than necessary. The purpose of decluttering is to assist your efficiency and effectiveness. Lingering through this project may become counter-productive.

Years ago I wrote a post for “Super Bowl Monday” Work space Clearing Activities to help folks stay productive during a rough day back to work. Curious what to do with your briefcase or backpack? Click this sentence and learn how to clean up your mobile junk drawer!

Decluttering Assists Us as We Transition into New Beginnings

Once upon a time in a corporate setting, I remember I found myself decluttering my works pace every quarter. After a year or so of doing this, I began to understand the power of decluttering to become more effective. Just last week I heard a friend say how she wanted to get her desk tidy. She felt it warranted a decluttering and wipe down to honor new beginnings. Apparently she thought she was bring too much of 2014 into 2015.

Our parents and teachers were correct in the habits they taught us of keeping our rooms and desks clean. I find it quite interesting how such a mundane activity from childhood, as decluttering, can manifest as a powerful success strategy for adults.

Please feel free to comment on what’s YOUR first tip-off that it’s time for a decluttering appointment? (Mine: I have two plus stacks of stuff growing on my desk!) 


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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
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p.s.: Does anyone else remember decluttering your desk every Friday while you were in grade school? With this found memory, I extend deep appreciation to all my teachers over the years! May you be enjoying your retirement – you deserve it!


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