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Debbie Leoni

Learn from Debbie Leoni, as she reveals how to master your stress levels to improve YOUR Business’s Performance. Today’s blogging guest, is Debbie Leoni of Being Fearless. Her mission is to help people move beyond their fear and step into their potential. As Small Business Owners learn how to do this, their performance will improve and their business with grow. 

Debbie Leoni is one the members of the Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner #1 Bestselling Book Series Author Team. On November 13, 2019 a group of 8 Brilliant Practicing ExpertsTM  lead by Maggie Mongan, will be releasing their book to coincide with National Entrepreneurs Month. It is written specifically for Small Business Owners, by Small Business Owners, to help you learn how to win BIG at small business in the 21st century!

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To give you a glimpse of a couple different chapters, I invited our co-authors to write a short guest blog to learn about why their chapter topic is important to YOUR Business Success.

I’d like to introduce you to Debbie Leoni, Coach, Speaker, and Author

Debbie Leoni contributing author of #BrilliantBizBook
Debbie Leoni, Expert of Being Fearless, wants you to know this possibility for your business and you.

In Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner: Fresh Perspectives on Profitability, People, Productivity, and Finding Peace in Your Business (Vol. 3), Business Author Debbie Leoni shares her wisdom by introducing “The Top 3 Fear Busters: No More Playing Small”. Debbie interviewed successful Small Business Owners to share their challenges and their transformations because they moved beyond their fear. Additionally, Debbie provides some coaching exercises at the end of her chapter to assist you to stop playing small.

Debbie Leoni is a nationally recognized speaker, coach, and author on the topic of Being Fearless. She moves people through and beyond their fears with such grace and finesse!

The following is what Debbie Leoni wants to share with you:

Is It Time to Redefine Success?

It seems when I ask this question to the business owners who I coach, they immediately go to their income goals. While it’s true that how much money you make is reflective of your sense of achievement, there’s so much more.

I work with Small Business Owners who are accomplishing many important aspects of the work they do. Money is no longer tight like it was when they opened their business. They’ve expanded and feel good about the direction things are going at work. They are very dedicated to putting in the hours necessary to run an efficient business and feel good about their results.


  • Their spouse is losing interest.
  • Their health has been negatively impacted. 
  • They don’t sleep well. 
  • They have little to no downtime for self-care.  
  • They feel stuck because they are afraid that if they take the necessary actions that will offer work/life balance, they will fail.


They decide to get the support they need and realize they are not in alignment with what matters most! Nine times out of ten I’m told what matters most is family; however, when they stop to assess the hours they are spending with family, their eyes pop out and they begin to comprehend their actions are in no way reflective of what they say is most important.

And the culprit is:


When a Small Business Owner contracts coaching with me, I start by guiding them to gain a clear vision of what they most want. Then we talk about everything that has been in the way of this vision. What they soon realize is their mindset is filled with fear-based thoughts and beliefs. They might sound like: “I’m not as good as my competition. I’m too afraid to say no. If I step out of my comfort zone, I will be rejected.”

These thoughts and beliefs, (most often unconscious) are preventing them from taking time for self-care, their family, spouses, and an overall feeling of balance.

They start to feel empowered as we unpack the mental obstacles which are having them feel frustrated and oftentimes, depleted. The empowerment comes from the realization of being able to control of their thoughts. This means they can create new thoughts and beliefs to enhance life.

The fear is there; however, now they no longer allow their fear to be in the driver’s seat. As they make that switch; they put fear in the passenger seat and the biggest, fearless version of themselves in the driver’s seat, magic happens!

  • They start to set and maintain clear boundaries with their employees, and everyone around them so they can let go of being responsible for everyone else. 
  • They’re making healthier choices with their meals and exercise. 
  • They sleep better. 
  • Their spouses and kids are happier. 
  • Things at work become more efficient. 
  • They become happy and fulfilled!
Women holding her hands up in victory at sunrise.
Debbie Leoni, “Feeling this victorious is possible!”


Because of the new thoughts and beliefs they have adopted, and the new actions they have taken, their definition of success has morphed into one that still includes money. Yet they now are very clear that success having balance, the willingness to take risks and living in integrity is their new and improved definition of success.

What if, today, you created some downtime to: hit the pause button and reflect on how you have defined success and what your new and improved definition might be. Whatever it is, it will be an invitation to bust through any fears that might be holding you back; to feel your fear and do it anyway!

Chapter 8 of Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner is titled, “The Top 3 Fear Busters: No More Playing Small.” I explain more in my chapter about how you can turn fear energy into fearlessness.

There’s no better time than now to purchase the book (releasing Nov 13, 2019) and use your new definition of success to make the biggest impact you ever imagined! ~Debbie


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p.s.: Being fearless supports being peace-filled. This is a power strategy to calm your mind and be able to make better business decisions in real-time. Don’t minimize the power of this to support YOUR Business Success!

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