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Are you creating a peaceful business?

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Are you creating as much of a peaceful business as possible?

Are you creating a
peaceful business?

When a new Small Business Owner (SBO) begins operating, many people ask, “What type of business are you creating?” I’d find it highly unusual if the new SBO answered, “A peaceful and profitable business.”  Yet, when I speak with SBOs, this is precisely why they are creating their own business.

The prosperous side of business we commonly address—profits and all the benefits of having a successful enterprise. It’s the peaceful side that most SBOs aren’t focusing on unless they are working with a spiritual mentor, reading Deepak Chopra, or listening to me!

For over 15 years, my clients have come to me to help them with a business transformation and/or to own their marketplace. They seek a simplified way of conducting business which activates and supports profit and peace

Seeking a peaceful business?

As an SBO, do you ever say, “I’m going to go to work today to create frustrations, try to meet unattainable deadlines, and experience people problems”? No. I imagine you don’t.

I’m so fascinated with the dichotomy. We usually leave our other jobs for these or similar reasons, and then end up creating a business that functions the same way as the one we left!

For years I pondered why SBOs commonly do this. I’ve been discussing the topic with my Think Tank for the past several months. About a month ago, I had my a-ha! moment. The reason we commonly recreate the working environments we vowed to never work for again is because we don’t know how to do it another way. 

Is there another way of conducting business?

Yes. In fact the first marketing collateral I created for my business back in 2004 or 2005 stated, “There’s a new way of conducting business. Click here to learn more.”  Wow, those were the early days of internet marketing and that’s all you needed (plus a great image, which we had).

Regardless of how long you’ve been in business, do you still envision a work day filled with grace and ease or one of toil and troubles?

I assure you peace is possible without having to own a unicorn!

How to envision a peaceful business

Perhaps the best way to first envision a peaceful business isn’t to affirm it as your reality. After all, our mind knows when we’re telling false stories to ourselves. When this happens, we build resistance and usually don’t attain our new vision.

There is a better way to simplify your business, which ultimately creates peace. 

In business, peace is usually a by-product of particular strategies and aligning actions. Once your strategies are simplified, you can create actions to align with your new strategies. Ideally, this should create new results, which bring you peace…and dare we say it? Potentially joy!

3 Steps to Create a Simplified and Peaceful Business:

  1. Create your goal.
  2. Create simplified strategies.
  3. Align new actions to support the new and simplified strategies.

The hardest part of this? Practicing something so simplistic.

WARNING: Usually SBOs won’t do this because they don’t think it will deliver results, or SBOs won’t allow a new thought process (simplicity) to become a new way of conducting business. 

If you can move beyond your old thought patterns and actions, you will find that coupling Right Thoughts with Right Actions will produce higher success rates—all day long.

Feel free to ask any questions or make any comments you have regarding your business’s strategy to generate revenue.

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