September 11


Customer Loyalty Lesson via America’s Patriot Day

Customer loyalty depicted by the American flag attached to a slatted fence out in a country setting with large pine trees behind it.
Customer Loyalty helps your business show up everywhere – just like Old Glory

Customer Loyalty Lesson For Business Owners
via America’s Patriot’s Day:

Customer Loyalty is one of the key goals for businesses or perhaps it ought to be! Why? Customer loyalty is about gaining a customer and serving them well. If you do this effectively they will see no other provider but you. That, is loyalty.

Customer loyalty goes beyond good service

Satisfied customers will do repeat business with you. They will even refer others to you on a silver platter. Ultimately this improves profit. How? You are working smarter versus working harder to make sales.

Customer loyalty is about the loyalty of your customers. Wasn’t that a Captain Obvious Moment? Are customers talking you up, giving you testimonials, and providing social proof for you? It’s great if they tell you how much you rock. It’s even better if they tell everyone else!

Businesses don’t always approach their customer loyalty strategies in a favorable way for the customer. Sometimes customer loyalty is considered the same as customer service – this is incorrect! Customer loyalty is gained. It’s the mutual benefit of providing excellent customer service.

How does America’s Patriot Day fit with customer loyalty?

One of the things we learned about 9-11 is the attackers were seeking to break or weaken the American Spirit. They targeted diminishing national (patriotic) loyalty. The outcome of the attacks was exactly the opposite. America unified and patriotism (national loyalty) was at an all time high.

Customer Loyalty depicted by a farmer having an American Flag on the back on his tractor.

The American Flag was flown everywhere. Why wouldn’t it be? Click here to learn why it’s the American Logo. Imagine if your business was attacked. How many of your customers would automatically start promoting you, due their loyalty? Thought provoking, isn’t it? Regardless of which nation you live in, be proud of your national loyalty and accepting of others when it differs. After all, everyone has a right to be loyal.

Your business’s customer loyalty is crucial to becoming known as a business which consistently delivers excellence. This is an extra-ordinary goal and it will deliver unimaginable results to your bottom line.

1. Review your customer loyalty plan.
2. Decide what you can do to amp it up even more.
3. If you don’t have one, start with something basic: exceptional customers service and a customer appreciation program. These two basics will get you moving in the right direction.

Please feel free to comment or share what customer loyalty means to you or how YOUR Business does it to improve YOUR Business’s performance. See the p.s. below for mine…


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