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Answer your phone when your business line rings

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Best Practice: Answer your phone every time you can.

Answer your phone when 
your business line rings

Answer your phone Small Business Owners! You don’t know how much business you are turning away because you aren’t answering your business phone when it rings. You are losing business opportunities!

This is all about how phone rings can equate to cash register rings.

I recently met with a gent to assist him with a business growth challenge. He told me he gains an enormous amount of business because he is one of the few providers, in his specialty, who actually answers his business line when it rings.

I sat there with my jaw dropped when he said this. Why? It’s true that most small businesses don’t answer their business lines or even return the calls that end up in their voicemail.

Short story of repelling business opportunities

He continued to share how he had a client who needed a referral with something else. He gave his client 4 business allies to contact. Then he reached out to each of the referrals and told them to answer the phone when a call came though from a particular area code, which isn’t common for this area. 

As discussed, his client reached out to each of the four referrals. One answered.

Guess who earned the business? 

INSIGHT: Now it is impractical to think we are available to answer our phone each time it rings. That is, unless you get an answering service to welcome people. FYI: I strongly encourage answering services for particular types of businesses.

I know we can’t answer every time our business line rings, but you can probably answer more than you already are. If potential business opportunities must go into voicemail, respond more swiftly than you have been. Up your game Small Business Owners!

Answer your phone – people want to give you their business

This gent’s story and case study are more common than you think! 

Over the past 3 years, my husband consistently shares, “no one wants my money”. What is he referencing? 

When he seeks services for mulching, car winter storage, etc., no one answers their phone. He shares how some don’t even have a voicemail for him to leave a message. Perhaps even more frustrating to his is that if he leaves a message, he can wait over a week for a return – if he gets one. 

He is amazed at this small business behavior. He always asks me, “Do you answer your phone? Do you return messages?”

Business revenue boost: answer your phone 

I’m paying close attention to this because it is very common for Small Business Owners to forego lost business opportunities. This means you aren’t gaining revenue. Don’t lose your revenue opportunities by starting out with a bad customer process.

The other reason I’m watching this closely is about 6 months ago I was in a bad accident and incurred a Brain Trauma Injury. I am recovering and every now and then I drop the ball on following up with people and actionables. I simply don’t remember – even if I make a note! (Sorta funny, but much more frustrating living it.) This bothers me because it isn’t how I choose to show up; yet, it is my reality as I move through this recovery process.

So this is a hot topic for me. I’m surprised we haven’t written about this before. It seems so obvious, but today’s mobile businesses aren’t on top of this as much as they should be. 

TIP: If you’re not sure how to answer your phone, try this: “Good morning/afternoon/evening. This is (insert your name here).”

Have fun turning your rings into cha-chings!

What holds you back from starting your customer’s journey with a positive experience? Feel free to answer in the comment section.


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