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5-step TOMA Process Revealed for Small Business

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Small Business Owners don’t need to make TOMA complicated. Here’s a powerful solution!

5-step TOMA Process
for Small Business

TOMA – what is it? TOMA is an acronym for Top of Mind Awareness. What does that mean? Top of Mind Awareness is about how memorable your branding is in the mind of YOUR Ideal Customer. This directly impacts YOUR Business’s Bottom Line.

Most successful businesses have a memorable brand in one fashion or another. Do you? Do people recognize your name, logo, offerings, or tagline?

If they do, you are becoming TOMA to them. Perhaps the better question is does YOUR Marketplace (that’s filled with YOUR Ideal Customers) identify YOUR Branding with YOUR Business?

When YOUR Marketplace recognizes and remembers you, you become TOMA. When YOUR Business is TOMA, they seek you out when they need YOUR Offering. 

If you’re thinking of beer, vehicle, insurance, or pizza commercials you’re on track. You don’t need to buy insurance commercials every day, but when you do you may remember a Mayhem commercial or a gecko commercial. That’s a great example of TOMA.

How do YOU and YOUR Business become TOMA?

You begin by understanding precisely what is YOUR Business’s Purpose. Through an discovery process to define that, as well YOUR Ideal Customers and their needs and aspirations, you’re ready to move into the 5-Step Small Business TOMA ProcessTM.

5-Step Small Business TOMA ProcessTM

  1. Get clear on who you’re serving.
  2. Understand what you’re serving.
  3. Define the value you’re offering(s) provides.
  4. Create marketing messages to convey 1-3.
  5. Consistently promote your marketing message (in person or online).

Right now, I’m pretty sure half of you are saying, “No duh!” To which I respond, “I know you know this, but are you consistently doing it?” I already know the answer and so do you. Top of Mind Awareness work takes time to develop.

Most Small Business Owners (SBOs) won’t do this because there’s some other first steps that must be completed. Those steps tend to be frustrating because we confuse ourselves.

Here’s why Small Business Owners aren’t successful at TOMA – ing:

Many SBOs think, “I should be able to do this for myself”, that’s a story you keep telling yourself. The truth is you need someone to be a sounding board and guide to help you effectively and efficiently move through this process. Yet, you not moving through this is the very thing that’s keeping you from having the revenue you seek and the level of business that’s gratifying to you.  

So, what are you going to do now? You have a great idea for business, your sales are struggling, and you know there’s more business out there for you. Why not call on a pro to help you work through these simple but gigantic glitches that are keeping you from more profit?

Gift YOUR Business and yourself by clicking YOUR NO-cost Consultation with Maggie for a laser coaching session on this topic. This could be the one thing you do to get you over the hump that’s snagging YOUR Business from living into its potential.

Even if you don’t reach out for help, know it’s essential for YOU to do this for YOUR Business’s Success. Either way, get busy and amaze yourself! YOUR Ideal Customers are waiting for you to show up in their world and live in their mind.

Please feel free to share a question or insights in the comments section. Hey, I’m curious: did you know about TOMA and are you utilizing it?  I haven’t been like I should, and I know better! 2018 will be TOMA focused around here 🙂


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p.s.: Now is the time to create YOUR TOMA plan. Getting clarity and being creative will help you immediately step into a stronger year!

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