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Workplace Awesomeness: Are you creating it?

Workplace awesomeness illustrated by the Air Force's Blue Angels team performing aerial stunts.
Workplace Awesomeness impacts YOUR Business’s productivity, performance, and profit levels.

Workplace Awesomeness: Are you creating it?

Workplace Awesomeness is a 100% productivity booster.
Do you know if you have one?

Workplace Awesomeness is a phrase you won’t find in a dictionary. You won’t even find it in a business dictionary. Yet, this concept is something we all seek. It’s an ideal. Workplace awesomeness directly impacts YOUR Business’s Performance. Wouldn’t you like to speak of your workplace as awesome? Sure you would!

What makes workplaces awesome?

My definition of workplace awesomeness is a workplace where you want to be working. It’s an enjoyable  and supportive place to work. The concept can be quite varied. Variations of aesthetics, people’s disposition, resources, training, and expectations all impact this factor.

What’s YOUR Workplace Awesomeness Factor?

As a Small Business Owner it is important to understand YOUR Workplace Awesomeness Factor score is an indicator of productivity, performance, and profit levels. YOUR Team will be appreciative for your efforts to improve YOUR Business’s Factor.

Now, I want you to pay attention to this: Even if you are a solo-entrepreneur you need to make sure you are creating workplace awesomeness. This may be even more critical for the one person shops.

What are the top 3 things you can do to improve YOUR Workplace Awesomeness Factor?

Tip: Make sure the 3 things you select are a balance of improved resources and enjoyment.


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p.s. Have some fun finding a way to make awesomeness occur in your workplace. Start during the Holiday Season and continue it throughout the new year!

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