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What Women Want Business Movie Review

What Women Want movie poster illustrated bu Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson thinking with eachother....
What Women Want Movie teaches Business Owners to improve business performance in a most hilarious way. (Credit: IMDB.com)

“What Women Want” teaches
business strategies of Trust,
Deep Listening, & Truth

What Women Want (2000) is a powerful Business Strategies movie! This is a hilarious movie with many teaching moments for life and business. The story’s main character is Nick (Mel Gibson), an advertising executive who is extremely egotistical and a chauvinist.

Additionally, he is divorced and the father of a teenage daughter. Nick believes he has earned the right to be promoted and deserves the respect of his estranged daughter. This movie reveals  the depth of living.

The journey of what happens via Nick unexpectedly being electrocuted while doing some company research is absolutely hilarious and truly life-altering for him. It’s a 16 year old movie that still delivers laughs and lessons. You’ll probably improve YOUR Business’s Profit Margin because of how you’ll observe your customers differently after watching this!

What Women Want Business Strategy
#1 Trust

When Darcy (Helen Hunt), the new Director, joins the company she expects that each employee is being truthful of their commitment to certain projects. Once Nick learns there’s an opening, he trusts the boss that he is going to get “his” promotion he’s been promised. As promises are broken, there’s trust and mistrust mix among the players and everything goes haywire.

Whether intentional or not, how often does mistrust occur throughout your business and your business’s transactions? One of the more common ways mistrust occurs is when promises are broken. Be mindful of your promises… and that includes don’t unnecessarily break appointments.

What Women Want Business Strategy
#2 Deep Listening

Have you ever heard someone say, “You need to get inside your customers’ head”? That’s exactly what Nick does when the company signs a client of women’s products. Nick swallows his pride and follows the company’s assignment to get more “creative” with how to create ads that sell the products.

Do you take the appropriate measures to get inside your customers’ heads to improve your offering and customer service? Having a customer-focused mindset will boost your revenue.

What Women Want Business Strategy
#3 Truth 

Repeatedly, Nick learns why the phrase “the truth hurts” is true. Whether it was wobbling in his relationship with his daughter, boss, new manager, romantic flame, or long-term co-worker, Nick has to own his truth with each. When he reveals his selfish and deceitful ways things don’t always turn up favorably for Nick.

Always speaking the truth is best. How often do you or your team members avoid the truth? Avoiding the truth is common when we aren’t performing at our best or our business isn’t performing well. The sooner you find yourself  owning your truth, the sooner you can improve reality. Go for it!

Which “What Women Want” business strategy would serve YOUR Business best right now?  Or if you’ve seen the movie please share a different strategy you noticed. Please leave your answer in the comment section and let’s learn from each other! 


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  1. What I remember most about this movie is a combination of listening and truth plus action. Nick was rather surprised to find out that he wasn’t as well-liked as he had always assumed, he had to learn to accept the truth that his behavior was often obnoxious, but that wouldn’t have done much for him if he hadn’t acted on that information in order to change his behavior. It was when he, owned his (negative) truth, to paraphrase your words, that he was able to grow.

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