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Treat people well and your profit will improve

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The hallmark of a good leader is when they consistently treat people well.

Treat people well and your
profit will improve

“Treat people well” is not a new concept, but we sure do hear it often. Why do we need so many reminders to do this well?

One part of me says, “I don’t know why we are still needing to say this. Are people really not understanding the value this provides?” While the other part of me says, “This should be an ongoing recording that the whole world hears morning, noon, and night!”

Treating people with respect and kindness is how most of the world intends to behave. I believe we actually do show up this way until we get thrown off our game or what I call squeezed, or pressured. Then, we forget to show up as our best throughout the day. This contrast is an ongoing cycle for humans throughout any given day.

How does treating people well apply to your workday?

If you could wave a magic wand and have your wish granted, what would your workplace wish be? To be more profitable? Perhaps to have more peace throughout your workday? What about getting more accomplished? Would you like to not have any “people” issues for one week? How would YOUR Business’s Performance improve if any one of these was accomplished?

These are very common and real requests. The interesting point about these wishes is they can all be resolved when you treat people well. All the research reveals your team (external) or staff (internal) will work more effectively and efficiently when they are engaged and supported. This directly impacts their performance and ultimately the business’s performance.

What’s they key to engaging your people?

Listening to them. Assisting them. Supporting them. Our last 5 blogposts here have been discussing how to do this well. Why? It impacts our well-being and it impacts your bottom line.

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” ~Stephen R. Covey

Wow! Do you do this already? Are you close? If not, make it your new goal.

Unfortunately, we spend a majority of our day in our workplace. Thus, the people you work with become familiar to you. Usually when we aren’t at our best, we don’t show up at our best for others. This is because we are familiar with our co-workers. We drop our guard and don’t necessarily treat them as they should be treated. 

This happens all day long. This phenomena doesn’t discriminate – we mindlessly walk right into it!

Heck, I just had this happen two weeks ago. I had a crushing headache and was talking with a Business Ally of many years. Unfortunately, he wasn’t at his personal best either that day. It was a conversation with several points and we were ineffectively communicating. The next day we continued the conversation, the first words out of each of our mouths was an apology to one another. Then we laughed and were back to our regular selves – effectively communicating to solve problems.

TIP: Treating people well doesn’t have to be complicated. Listen and assist them. When you treat people well, they produce more, which ultimately impacts your profitability. Quit bootstrapping the people side of your business! Give them the resources they need to do their job well. Sometimes that means a little more of you 🙂


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